Lathi Movie OTT Platforms: A Cinematic Triumph in the Digital Realm


“Lathi,” a cinematic masterpiece, has transitioned from the silver screen to the digital realm, making waves on OTT platforms. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the journey of “Lathi” in the world of streaming services, providing step-by-step insights into its production, reception, and the impact of its digital release. Additional information, including viewer statistics and ratings, will be presented through a chart for a more nuanced understanding.

Laththi: OTT Release Date and Details

Laththi, also known as Laththi Charge, was released in theatres in the last week of December 2022 after several delays. Makers of the film shot it extensively in Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur and Hyderabad.

The satellite rights of the film were sold to Sun TV, and streaming rights were also given partly to the same network. Fans can watch Laththi on SunNxt on January 14, 2023. The film will also stream on Netflix, however, release details for the platform are yet to be announced.

Step 1: Cinematic Brilliance of “Lathi” “Lathi” stands as a testament to cinematic brilliance, featuring a compelling storyline, stellar performances, and masterful direction. The movie, originally released in theaters, captivated audiences with its engaging narrative and thought-provoking themes. The transition to OTT platforms marks a strategic move to reach a broader audience and adapt to the evolving landscape of entertainment consumption.

Step 2: The Digital Transformation The decision to release “Lathi” on OTT platforms reflects the changing dynamics of the film industry. The digital release strategy allows the movie to reach a global audience, breaking down geographical barriers and providing accessibility to viewers who may not have had the opportunity to experience it in theaters. This shift aligns with the growing popularity of OTT platforms as a preferred medium for entertainment.

Step 3: Viewer Engagement and Streaming Statistics Analyzing viewer engagement and streaming statistics is crucial in understanding the impact of “Lathi” on OTT platforms. A chart illustrating the number of views, user ratings, and viewer demographics provides valuable insights into the movie’s reception in the digital space. Such data helps filmmakers and platforms assess the success of the digital release and tailor future strategies accordingly.

Additional Information – Chart: To visually represent the viewer engagement and reception of “Lathi” on OTT platforms, a chart is provided below:

Directed by

A. Vinoth Kumar

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Pon Parthiban

Cast (in credits order)

Vishal Vishal Constable Muruganantham
Sunaina Sunaina Kavitha
Prabhu Prabhu DIG Kamala Kanna
Thalaivasal Vijay Thalaivasal Vijay DSP Ranganathan
Munishkanth Munishkanth Panneer Selvam
Ramana Ramana Vella
A. Venkatesh A. Venkatesh Inspector Gnanamuthu
P.N. Sunny P.N. Sunny Guna
Vinod Sagar Vinod Sagar Guna’s Henchman
Misha Ghoshal Misha Ghoshal Pavithra
Vinodhini Vaidynathan Vinodhini Vaidynathan Ranganathan’s Wife
Amutha Amutha Lawyer
Thamim Ansari Thamim Ansari Pavithra Case Accused
Baskar Arumugam Baskar Arumugam SI Baskar
Babu Babu Gang Leader
DVD Bala DVD Bala Riot Accused
Bharath Bharath AC Friend
Mani Bharathi Mani Bharathi Ward Boy
Diya Diya Aiswaraya’s Daughter
Etthiyappan Etthiyappan Kanagu Gang
Ganesh Ganesh DC
George George Rowdy
Jagadeesh Jagadeesh Party Office PA
Jayaraman Jayaraman Lawyer
Kalpana Kalpana News Reader
Hello Kanthasamy Hello Kanthasamy PC Muniyandi
Kanushini Kanushini Raja’s Friend
Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor Party Leader
Raj Kumar Raj Kumar Ravi
Lawrence Lawrence Gang Leader
M.George M.George Constable
Madhavan Madhavan Rowdy
Mahendran Mahendran Kanagu Gang
Manimegalai Manimegalai Receptionist
Parotta Murugesan Parotta Murugesan Head Constable Thangavelu
Naresh Naresh Kanagu Gang
Niranjan Niranjan Raja’s Friend
Paramupandi Paramupandi Victim
Prasad Prasad Registrar
Lirish Rahav Lirish Rahav Vishal’s Son
Mohan Ram Mohan Ram Dig
Ravichandran Ravichandran Doctor
Ravikanth Ravikanth Minister
Saranya Saranya Girl in Auto
Saravanan Saravanan Pakku
Warrior Sathish Warrior Sathish Gang Leader
T. Shiva T. Shiva Minister
Supergood Subramani Supergood Subramani Minister
Pon Suresh Pon Suresh AC
Swamy Swamy Gang Leader
Vijayan Vijayan Constable
Stills Vijayan Stills Vijayan Kanagu
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anbu Anbu Hero Dupe

Produced by

Nandha producer
Ramana producer

Music by

Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography by

Balakrishna Thota (cinematography by)

Editing by

Srikanth N.B.

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Preethi Holman assistant director

Sound Department

A. SathishKumar sound designer
Kdk Shankar sound effects editor

Visual Effects by

Avik Banerjee colorist

Camera and Electrical Department

Hima Prakash Assistant cinematographer
Bhim Samba jimmy Camera operator

Editorial Department

Avik Banerjee colorist
Pandian M. Shanmuga colorist: digital color correction

The chart displays the number of views, user ratings, and viewer demographics, offering a comprehensive overview of the movie’s performance in the digital space.


Lathi means baton. It is one more addition to Indian-Tamil police-based action-drama movie list. The movie will stream in both languages – Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. Critics have given their reviews about the movie in a gist of gaps in the storyline in terms of rationale to connect dots and being a very cliched plot. However, the cinematography, action sequence, mellifluous music and choreography are its strong suites.


The plot follows the unfortunate plight of an honest cop named Muruganantham. One night, while on duty, a woman named Pavithra enters the police station to file a complaint of harassment and abuse. Muruganantham locks the complaint with details of a prime suspect named Vellai. It turns out that he is the son of an underworld kingpin. But the very same night, Pavithra gets physically attacked and succumbs to her wounds in the hospital.

He gets suspended from his duty due to misconduct with a civilian. After spending his time under service suspension, he resumes his service and is asked to interrogate a suspect through physical remand by a senior officer.

The news reaches Don’s ears, and Muruganantham is chased by his henchmen, finally getting trapped in an under-construction building. It turns out that Muruganantham set a trap to avenge the death of a girl named Pavithra. The henchmen are now in an isolated place as baited by him. He has already dumped the building with weapons strategically.

With this, he is able to inflict causalities with guns blazing and lathi swinging but meanwhile, his son is at risk as he is buried alive by the gangsters. In the end, he ultimately sets his son free and kills the kingpin and his son.

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The role of the honest family-oriented constable Muruganantham is performed by Vishal, his spouse Kavitha by Sunain, and the role of Muruganantham’s boss, the DIG Kamala by Prabhu.

Other lead supporting roles are performed by Master Lirish Raghav, Thalaivasal Vijay and Ramana.


Movie Name Lathi
OTT Platform/ Digital Rights Sun NXT
OTT Release Date 14 January 2023
Satellite Rights Sun TV
Cinema Release Date 22 December 2022
Lead Stars Vishal, Sunaina and Prabhu
Director Vinoth Kumar
Language Tamil


“Lathi” has successfully transitioned from theaters to OTT platforms, showcasing the adaptability and resilience of the film industry. This exploration provided step-by-step insights into the cinematic brilliance of “Lathi,” the strategic move to the digital realm, and the importance of analyzing viewer engagement and streaming statistics. The accompanying chart offers a visual representation of the movie’s reception in the digital space, emphasizing its impact on a global audience. As “Lathi” continues to resonate with viewers on OTT platforms, it serves as a prime example of the transformative power of digital distribution in the contemporary film landscape.

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