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The West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) plays a pivotal role in the recruitment of teachers in the state. The Upper Primary Teacher recruitment process involves the release of a merit list, a comprehensive document that showcases the names of successful candidates who have cleared the selection criteria. Navigating to www.westbengalssc.com provides aspirants and stakeholders with access to critical information regarding the Upper Primary Merit List.

WBSSC Upper Primary Recruitment

  • Total vacancies advertised in Higher Primary are 14,339.
  • 12792 people appeared in the previous interview.
  • Out of them, however, 233 people were later excluded.
  • Newly from October 21, notices were issued for interview of 1587 job aspirants in 11 subjects (as per court order).
  • A total of 14,075 people gave interviews in two rounds of 14,339 vacancies.

The commission will also publish the (WB Upper Primary merit List) names of those who are on the waiting list. The next step after panel release is counseling and job recommendation letter. There is a court hearing on August 30 regarding the panel that is being published. Chairman of the commission Siddharth Majumder said, if there are no complaints or questions about the panel, we will ask the court for permission to start counselling.

wbssc upper primary merit list
wbssc upper primary merit list

This has resulted in the possibility of decommissioning the recruitment process which has been stalled for 8 years in higher primary. In that case, the school education department officials think that new teachers may be appointed in the school before Puja.

upper primary teachers will be appointed through the School Service Commission. In order to keep the recruitment process transparent, various personal information of the job seekers like, secondary-higher secondary marks, educational qualification, marks obtained in TET, roll number, name of the job seekers will be mentioned. This information will be published below the name and roll number of each job seeker. Even though the panel was released on Wednesday, the SSC authorities could not say anything about when the process of handing over the appointment letters to the job seekers will start. They said, it is not in our hands.

There are 13,339 names in the merit list. The number of vacancies is 14,339. But in 2016, 1000 qualified trained candidates were not found in various departments at the time of application. Along with the name, there is a mention of how many marks a certain candidate has got in the secondary and higher secondary-including other exams, the interview of 10 marks and the TET marks of 40 marks in the 50 marks of the academic score. This information will be published below the name and roll number of each job seeker.

This recruitment process was notified in 2014. In 2016, the result of TET was released. The commission released the panel for recruitment of upper-primary in 2020. But a case was filed in the High Court on allegations of irregularities in that panel. The High Court ordered to start the recruitment process afresh. The second round of recruitment process started in 2021. Even after the interview, many complications were going on for so long.

Accessing www.westbengalssc.com

To begin the journey into the Upper Primary Teacher recruitment process, aspiring candidates and interested individuals must visit the official website, www.westbengalssc.com. The website serves as the central hub for all information related to teacher recruitment, including the release of merit lists.

Step-by-Step Guide to Merit List Access

Step 1: Homepage Navigation Upon reaching the homepage, candidates should look for a dedicated section related to the Upper Primary Teacher Recruitment. This might be labeled as “Recruitment” or a similar category.

Step 2: Merit List Section Within the Recruitment section, there should be a specific link or tab leading to the Upper Primary Teacher Merit List. Clicking on this link will likely direct candidates to a new page or a downloadable PDF file.

Step 3: Merit List Download Once on the designated page, candidates can download the Upper Primary Teacher Merit List. The list may be available in PDF format, allowing for easy viewing and printing for reference.

Additional Information: Understanding the Merit List Parameters

The merit list is not merely a compilation of names; it is a comprehensive document that provides insights into the selection process. Parameters such as candidate names, roll numbers, category-wise rankings, and subject allocations may be included. Understanding these parameters enriches the candidate’s experience and fosters transparency in the recruitment process.

Charting the Merit List Trends: A Visual Representation

A chart can serve as a visual representation of trends within the Upper Primary Teacher Merit List. By categorizing successful candidates based on various parameters, such as educational qualifications, districts, or subject specializations, a chart can offer a clear overview of the demographic and academic diversity among the selected individuals.


Navigating Success in Teacher Recruitment:

Accessing the Upper Primary Teacher Merit List on www.westbengalssc.com is a crucial step for candidates and stakeholders invested in the teacher recruitment process. The step-by-step guide ensures a seamless navigation experience, while additional information and visual representations enhance understanding. As candidates eagerly explore their positions on the merit list, the transparent and informative nature of the process underscores the commitment to quality education in West Bengal. The Upper Primary Teacher Merit List stands as a testament to the dedication and excellence of the selected individuals who will contribute significantly to the state’s educational landscape.

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