Which Capability Of Mynav Helps Clients With Reskilling Their Employees


In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, MyNav emerges as a dynamic solution for organizations aiming to reskill their workforce effectively. This comprehensive guide delves into a specific capability of MyNav that plays a pivotal role in assisting clients with reskilling their employees. From understanding the importance of reskilling to exploring the unique features of MyNav, this guide provides step-by-step insights to help organizations harness the full potential of this platform for workforce transformation.

Bangalore, India: Accenture today launched Green Cloud Advisor, a new capability for the Accenture myNav platform that enables enterprises to operate more sustainable and efficient cloud environments.

myNav Green Cloud Advisor helps companies design cloud solutions that reduce carbon emissions and lay a foundation for responsible innovation. First, Green Cloud Advisor establishes a baseline of existing data center energy consumption, computing requirements and sustainability goals. It then uses proprietary algorithms to quantify the “greenness” of potential cloud solution options, based on a range of information, such as the cloud service providers’ carbon emissions goals, locations, energy sources and readiness to transition to clean energy.

Step 1: Recognizing the Need for Reskilling Before delving into MyNav’s capabilities, it’s crucial to recognize the pressing need for reskilling in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Technological advancements, industry shifts, and evolving job roles necessitate a continuous learning mindset. Organizations that prioritize reskilling initiatives position themselves for increased agility, innovation, and long-term success.

Step 2: MyNav’s Adaptive Learning Environment MyNav’s capability that stands out in the realm of reskilling is its adaptive learning environment. The platform employs advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to create personalized learning paths for each employee based on their existing skills, career goals, and the organization’s strategic objectives. This adaptability ensures that reskilling efforts are targeted and relevant, maximizing the impact on individual and organizational growth.

Step 3: Individualized Skill Assessments MyNav initiates the reskilling journey with comprehensive individualized skill assessments. Through sophisticated assessments, the platform identifies each employee’s current skill set, strengths, and areas requiring improvement. This data-driven approach enables organizations to tailor reskilling programs to address specific skill gaps, optimizing the investment in employee development.

“Every company now needs to master change at speed and scale to benefit not only shareholders and employees but also our communities and planet,” said Kishore Durg, who leads Accenture Cloud First Global Services. “As companies accelerate cloud adoption, myNav Green Cloud Advisor can help them simultaneously address one of their most pressing challenges, which is to reduce emissions and waste with greener IT practices.”

To help organizations measure carbon emissions against industry peers, Accenture is teaming with an applied research team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to establish a carbon emissions scoring system and certification for green cloud solutions. In order to help clients design, implement and operate the most sustainable cloud environments, Accenture is also working with CMU on a new cloud training program to upskill its Cloud First professionals to help organizations achieve a balance of cloud innovation and green computing practices.
Step 4: Curated Learning Resources One of MyNav’s standout features is its vast library of curated learning resources. Drawing from a diverse range of industry-specific content, including courses, tutorials, and expert-led sessions, the platform offers a rich repository of materials that align with the reskilling objectives. This ensures that employees have access to up-to-date and relevant information, fostering a continuous learning culture within the organization.

Step 5: Real-time Progress Tracking Monitoring and tracking employee progress in real-time is another key capability of MyNav. Organizations can leverage intuitive dashboards to gain insights into the effectiveness of their reskilling initiatives. This feature enables timely interventions, allowing for adjustments in learning strategies based on individual and collective performance data.

Additionally, Accenture has teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management to create a training program for Accenture Cloud First leaders that delves deeper into the cloud’s role in enhancing speed to market, cost management, flexibility of operations, business resilience and innovation capabilities. The Green Cloud Advisors Program is a three-day virtual course where participants will learn about opportunities associated with cloud solutions, from energy efficiency and carbon reduction to new business models and product and service innovations.

Announced in November 2019, the Accenture myNav platform helps organizations navigate the cloud with confidence by selecting the optimal cloud architecture and solution, executing cloud migration, and managing and optimizing the cloud estate. myNav helps companies manage the human, technology and business dimensions of cloud change. Green Cloud Advisor is one of the many modules within the myNav platform designed to address the complexities of cloud for digital transformation.

The benefits of career pathing 


  • Meeting Future Demand: By identifying existing capabilities, you can focus on developing key skills within your current workforce to meet future demand effectively.
  • Identifying Hidden Skills: Career pathing empowers employees to assess and detail their own skills, uncovering potential talents that the business may not have been aware of.
  • Creating a Culture of Talent Mobility: In today’s competitive talent landscape, employees seek employers committed to their future career growth. A career pathing strategy not only attracts talent to your organization but also boosts motivation and retention rates among your employees. It fosters internal mobility, both laterally and vertically, showcasing your organization’s commitment to valuing its people.

Our capabilities help you drive more value, faster

myNav encapsulates Accenture’s experience of over 36,000 cloud projects to take the guesswork out of your journey on the Cloud Continuum.

It has comprehensive capabilities to help you:

  • Getting to the Cloud: Build a modern on-demand data, digital and technology foundation, while reducing IT costs.
  • Utilizing the Power of Cloud: Transform business, innovate and disrupt industry and deliver a personalized, predictive omni-channel experience.
  • Operating on the Cloud Continuum: Provide modern, automated, measurable services, optimize spend and gain real-time visibility into financial operations.
Which Capability Of Mynav Helps Clients With Reskilling Their Employees


Customize your journey on the Cloud Continuum starting with cloud insights, manage cloud action, and accelerate change to deliver on your business goals.

Business Case Builder

Builds a case for cloud strategy/decisions and tracks the benefits by measuring and reporting progress against key performance indicators

Architect Designer

Discovers & assesses current application profile, simulates & creates optimal architectures to enhance performance, agility and resiliency

Green Cloud Advisor

Advises cloud solutions that can reduce carbon emissions and quantifies the “greenness” of potential cloud solutions to support responsible businesses


Develops a migration roadmap for moving infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud, identifying the right sequence to accelerate migrations

Industry Advisor

Enables companies to rapidly build industry-specific applications on the cloud, leveraging pre-engineered industry cloud platforms to accelerate value


Embraces technical & organizational transformation, taking an end-to-end lifecycle view for automation, application modernization and containerization

Change Advisor

Advises companies to plan for the changes needed across human, technology, industry and business dimensions to realize their cloud vision

Cloud Manager & Optimizer

Helps companies track & manage consumption, optimize spend and enforce security policies across cloud infrastructure, applications and microservices

Additional Information

To further enhance the reskilling experience with MyNav, consider the following tips and additional information:

  1. Gamification for Engagement: MyNav incorporates gamification elements to enhance engagement. Organizations can utilize gamified challenges, rewards, and leaderboards to make the reskilling journey enjoyable and competitive, fostering a positive learning culture.
  2. Adaptive Career Path Planning: MyNav’s capabilities extend beyond reskilling to include adaptive career path planning. The platform assists employees in aligning their skill development with long-term career goals, contributing to improved retention and career satisfaction.
  3. Collaborative Learning Communities: MyNav facilitates collaborative learning communities, allowing employees to connect, share insights, and collaborate on projects. This social aspect enhances the reskilling experience by fostering a sense of community and collective growth.
  4. Continuous Feedback Mechanism: Implementing a continuous feedback mechanism within MyNav enhances the effectiveness of reskilling programs. Regular feedback loops, both from the platform and peers, empower employees to address challenges promptly and refine their learning strategies.

Clients Reap the Rewards of Mynav Capabilities

The powerful capabilities of Mynav can help businesses take their customer service to the next level. By automating processes, Mynav can help clients save time and money, and reduce the need for manual labor. Additionally, Mynav can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to tailor their products and services to meet the needs of their customers. Mynav can also help businesses improve their customer service by providing personalized support and automated responses, as well as segmenting customers for targeted marketing campaigns.

Overall, Mynav is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes and in any industry improve their customer service and increase their bottom line. With its suite of features and capabilities, Mynav can help clients streamline their operations, improve customer service, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

One of the main advantages of Mynav is its extensive capabilities that help clients to manage complex projects and collaborate with their teams. Mynav is a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) system that enables companies to allocate resources, manage projects, prioritize tasks, and plan ahead. Mynav helps customers to centralize information, become more efficient and organized, and maximize their satisfaction with the results.


MyNav’s capability in reskilling employees is a game-changer for organizations seeking to navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape. By recognizing the need for reskilling, leveraging MyNav’s adaptive learning environment, conducting individualized skill assessments, accessing curated learning resources, and utilizing real-time progress tracking, organizations can drive impactful reskilling initiatives that propel both individual careers and organizational success. As a versatile tool in the learning and development arsenal, MyNav empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce and stay ahead in the competitive business landscape.

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