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Swasthya Ingit.in is a pioneering digital platform that aims to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. This comprehensive exploration provides insights into the origin of Swasthya Ingit, its key features, impact on healthcare delivery, and the broader implications for the digital transformation of the health sector in India.

With the introduction of the e-clinic system by the Bengal government, named Swasthya Ingit, the mounting pressure on hospitals has eased over the last 15 days. More than one lakh patients have been treated through 2,313 e-clinics, a form of telemedicine facility, during this period. On an average, 9,000 patients are being treated daily.

The Health Department has converted more than half of Suswasthya Kendras into e-clinics to give people quality healthcare near their homes, by arranging video calls between doctors and patients at these clinics.

More than 500 doctors are currently treating patients via video call. After checking patients, doctors generate e-prescriptions; the medicines are also provided from the e-clinics (formerly Suswasthya Kendras). The entire system, from consultation to providing medicines, is free of cost.

According to state government sources, a doctor gives four minutes of consultation to a patient. It is mostly women from the districts who have been seen to be interested in the telemedicine facility, with the maximum interest in the districts of Malda, Murshidabad, Paschim Medinipur and Purulia, and in Balurghat in Uttar Dinajpur (in north Bengal).

Step 1: Genesis and Vision

Inception of Swasthya Ingit: This section delves into the genesis of Swasthya Ingit, highlighting the vision of its creators to bridge gaps in the healthcare system by integrating digital solutions. Understanding the context in which the platform emerged sets the stage for appreciating its transformative potential.

Objectives and Goals: Exploring the core objectives, such as enhancing accessibility to healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and optimizing resource utilization, provides a foundation for understanding Swasthya Ingit’s overarching goals.

Step 2: Key Features and Functionalities

Health Records Management: Swasthya Ingit.in facilitates the seamless management of health records, allowing users to store, access, and share their medical information securely. This section outlines the user-friendly interface and functionalities for maintaining comprehensive health records.

Appointment Booking and Telemedicine: Examining the platform’s capabilities in appointment booking and telemedicine sheds light on how Swasthya Ingit.in facilitates remote healthcare consultations, promoting convenience and reducing physical barriers to medical care.

Health Monitoring and Wearable Integration: Highlighting the integration of health monitoring tools and wearables demonstrates how Swasthya Ingit embraces the Internet of Things (IoT) to empower users in tracking and managing their health proactively.

Step 3: Impact on Healthcare Delivery

Enhanced Accessibility: Swasthya Ingit.in significantly enhances accessibility to healthcare services, particularly in remote or underserved areas, by providing a digital gateway for consultations, prescriptions, and medical advice.

Patient-Centric Approach: This segment explores how the platform adopts a patient-centric approach, fostering a collaborative relationship between healthcare providers and recipients, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Analyzing the role of data analytics in Swasthya Ingit.in demonstrates how the platform harnesses health data to facilitate informed decision-making by healthcare professionals and policymakers.

Step 4: Security and Privacy Measures

Robust Security Protocols: Ensuring the privacy and security of user data is paramount. This section explores the robust security measures implemented by Swasthya Ingit.in to safeguard sensitive health information and maintain user trust.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Examining the platform’s compliance with national and international healthcare data protection regulations provides assurance regarding its commitment to upholding ethical standards in healthcare.

Step 5: Future Developments and Collaborations

Innovations and Upgrades: Exploring the envisioned future developments, including technological upgrades and innovative features, highlights Swasthya Ingit.in’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions.

Collaborations and Partnerships: The platform’s collaborations with healthcare providers, technology firms, and government agencies showcase its role in fostering a collaborative ecosystem to address the evolving challenges in the healthcare sector.

Benefits of West Bengal Swasthya Ingit Scheme 2021

You can get the following benefits from the new Swasthya Ingit Scheme of the West Bengal government:

  1. Free specialzed Doctor’s consultation.
  2. Faster diagnosis.
  3. Free online treatment.
  4. Easy access to healthcare.
  5. Online prescription will be provided.

Phone Number/Contact of West Bengal Swasthya Ingit Scheme 2021

You need to visit your nearest e-clinic or the health centers near you. They will connect you with specialized doctors through online video conferencing for diagionisis.

You can contact the Direct Telemedicine line provided by the West Bengal government at 033-2357-6001.


Swasthya Ingit.in emerges as a transformative force in the Indian healthcare landscape, catalyzing a shift towards patient-centric, digitally empowered healthcare delivery. By embracing technological innovations, prioritizing data security, and promoting accessibility, the platform exemplifies the potential of digital solutions to positively impact the health and well-being of individuals across the country. Swasthya Ingit.in stands as a beacon in the ongoing digital health revolution, offering a glimpse into a future where technology plays a central role in shaping a healthier and more connected society.

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