Skill Mission Bihar: Portal Access, Reviews, and User Experiences


The transformative program known as Skill Mission Bihar aims to improve the employability and skill sets of the state’s labor force. With a step-by-step analysis and a focus on its relevance for the socio-economic development of the region, this thorough book explores all the dimensions of Skill Mission Bihar.

Documents Required

  • Aadhar card
  • Income Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Voter ID/Ration Card
  • Photograph passport Size
  • Active Mobile Number

Eligibility for KYP

  • Must be Citizen of Bihar
  • Must be above the age 14 and should not be above 28 years of age
  • Must have Passed 10th class

Registration on Bihar Skill Development Mission portal

Step1:Visit the Official website of BSDM i.e

Step2:On the Homepage,Click on Kushal Yuva Program

Step3:Now click on Apply online

Step4:Now Application form Will be opend on the Screen,fill the application form and Upload the Documents Required

Step5:Now Click on Submit button

Login on KYP

Step1:Visit the Official website of BSDM i.e

Step2:On the homepage,Click on Login Button

Step3:Now Enter your Username and password

Step4:Fill captcha Code and click on Login

KYP Center Registration

  • Visit the Official website of KYP
  • Now on the Homepage ,Click on Kaushal Youva Program
  • Now a new page will open,Select KYP center Registration
  • Now Click on Apply Online
  • Now application form will be opened,fill the Required Details
  • Click on Submit

1. Skill Mission Bihar’s Origins

Beginning: The Skill Mission With the intention of bridging the skills gap between youngsters and the demands of a changing labor market, Bihar was founded.

Govt Assistance:* The Bihar government’s support for this initiative demonstrates its dedication to enabling the people of the state through skill development.

2. Intentions and Ends

Employment Opportunities: The main objective is to develop a competent

workforce that supports economic growth and job creation by matching the demands of different industries.

Skills Diversification: * Skill Mission In order to provide a workforce that is both flexible and well-rounded, Bihar aims to diversify skill sets by serving both established and new industries.

3. Determining the Target Population

Empowerment of Youth: * Skill Mission Bihar focuses primarily on young people since it acknowledges them as an important group for the state’s overall growth.

Focus on Rural and Urban regions: * The program seeks to be inclusive, reaching out to both rural and urban regions while addressing the particular opportunities and problems in each setting.

4. Programs for Skill Development

Design of Curriculum:* Skill Mission With cooperation from industry experts, Bihar creates comprehensive skill development programs that guarantee the curriculum’s currency and applicability.

Focus Areas:* Programs are offered in a variety of industries, including

Manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and agriculture—all in line with the many demands of Bihar’s economy.

5. Training Centers for Skills

Infrastructure Development: * Setting up training facilities with cutting-edge equipment to give participants an immersive learning environment.

Accessibility: * Mission of Skill Bihar places its centers strategically to minimize geographic barriers to training and ensure accessible for participants throughout the state.

6. Development of Trainers and Faculty

High-quality education that incorporates industry best practices and real-world scenarios is delivered by placing a strong emphasis on faculty and trainer development.

 Ongoing Education: To enhance the learning process, trainers are urged to participate in ongoing education by remaining current with industry advancements and trends.

7. Industry Collaborations

Partnerships with Industry:* Skill Mission Bihar encourages partnerships with top businesses to make internships, on-the-job training, and career opportunities easier to come by for those taking part.

Programs that are specifically tailored to the needs of businesses are made possible with the assistance of the industry, which improves the employability of skilled workers.

8. Accreditations and Acknowledgments

Industry-Validated certificates:* Graduates obtain certificates that are accepted by pertinent industries, offering a concrete proof of their learned competencies.

Government Acknowledgment: * Mission of Skill The government’s recognition of Bihar certifications lends legitimacy and value to the skill sets of the holders.

9. Observation and Assessment

Performance Metrics:* Strict monitoring and assessment procedures are in place to gauge how well the skill development initiatives are working.

Feedback Loops:* Ongoing feedback loops with participants, instructors, and business partners help to enhance and hone programs.

10. Success and Impact Stories

– Rates of Employment: Mission Skill Bihar uses higher employment rates as a gauge of success, showing the initiative’s observable effects on people and the community.

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) has been constituted by The Government of Bihar to empower the youth by providing them with requisite skills to fuel the growth of the State of Bihar.

The primary roles of BSDM are:

  • To establish a wide network of training centers for the youth
  • To provide employment opportunities to the youth




Interested trainees can visit their nearest training center to select a course of their choice



Trainees who clear the assessment successfully will be certified



Trainees will be thoroughly assessed through collaborative mechanisms



Certified trainees will be provided with employment opportunities

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