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Skill Lync Hyderabad: Empowering Careers Through Innovative Skill Development


Skill Lync, headquartered in Hyderabad, has become a leading force in the realm of skill development, offering cutting-edge courses and programs to empower individuals in their professional journeys. This comprehensive guide provides a detailed exploration of Skill Lync in Hyderabad, outlining step-by-step insights for users looking to leverage the platform’s full potential for skill enhancement and career growth.

Step 1: Discovering Skill Lync’s Vision Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand the vision that propels Skill Lync. The platform aims to bridge the gap between industry requirements and academic curricula, offering industry-relevant courses that equip learners with practical skills. Skill Lync focuses on empowering individuals to excel in their careers through hands-on, project-based learning.

Step 2: Browsing Course Offerings Skill Lync offers a diverse array of courses in engineering, design, and emerging technologies. Users can browse through the platform’s extensive catalog, which includes programs in mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, and more. Each course is meticulously designed to provide a holistic learning experience, covering theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Step 3: Registration and Enrollment To embark on a skill development journey with Skill Lync, users can easily register and enroll in their chosen courses through the platform’s user-friendly interface. The registration process involves creating a personalized account, providing necessary details, and selecting the desired course. Skill Lync ensures a seamless onboarding experience for users at this crucial step.

Step 4: Engaging in Project-Based Learning One of Skill Lync’s distinctive features is its emphasis on project-based learning. Upon enrollment, users actively engage in hands-on projects relevant to their chosen field. This step ensures that learners not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain practical experience, making them industry-ready upon course completion.

Step 5: Leveraging Industry Collaboration Skill Lync takes pride in its collaborations with industry experts and companies. Users benefit from real-world insights, guest lectures, and industry-specific projects that enhance their understanding of the practical applications of the skills they are acquiring. This collaboration sets Skill Lync apart, providing learners with an industry-aligned perspective.

Simulating Theory in Reality

The founder duo realized early on that while theoretical fundamentals are important, 80% of the time projects revolve around applying those fundamentals in practical scenarios.

Surya offers an interesting insight: “Skill gap does not exist only in India but is present across the world. And that is why in 2014-15 Saran and I began teaching students of Mechanical Engineering in India digitally in 3-month long courses while still working in the US. We began uploading our course videos on to digital platforms which caught the attention of a few professors, who in turn, wished for us to train their senior mechanical engineering students. Initially we had 30 students from 10 colleges and these were paid classes.”

As their effort began bearing fruit, Surya and Saran registered their company in 2015 in the name of EdXengine.

Surya adds: “I returned to India in 2016 and reached out to colleges and gradually took in top 25 colleges in Tamil Nadu into our fold. In 2018, we rebranded our company to create Skill-Lync and got it registered formally and then started doing pre-recorded courses with live support sessions through live video conferencing calls.”

Weaving The Big Chasm Close

Today educational institutions are becoming aware that companies are not hiring students but they do not know the reason behind it. It is fast becoming passe to think that teaching a tool to the student will enable the candidate to find jobs in the industry. Institutions are slowly realizing that the students need to gain experience working on industry projects while acquiring theoretical knowledge.

Surya shares: “We work closely with companies to help them hire students. Every month, we have 75 placements from our institution with best global companies.”

Today, Skill-Lync boasts of over 150 courses taught by more than 200 experts from all over the world. Their students are taught by the crème de la crème of the industry, who – by the way are remunerated handsomely by Skill-Lync – take keen interest in designing the curriculum along with the founder duo and then also impart teaching.

Surya says further: “We have built a recorded playbook to work with the industry experts so that a student can access the classes irrespective of their location and time. Skill-Lync has 100 engineers to support the students.”

Prior to the pandemic, Skill-Lync had educational centers running in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Their plan is to keep them running but in hybrid models post pandemic by making workspace available for students to view the videos and work on assignments.

Skilling and Upskilling

As the popularity of their courses is increasing, more and more colleges are approaching Surya and Saran to fulfill their course requirements. An interesting tidbit is that Skill-Lync’s students get to help the company build more courses.

Surya shares: “We are now strategizing to cater to companies as well as colleges and many of the major companies are working with us already to provide their employees with upskilling opportunities also.”

This means that not only Skill-Lync is teaching students as per industry requirements, the founder partners have also found upskilling as a gap in the existing work scenario in the companies which they are successfully fulfilling already.

Resounding Proof of Success

Proof of the pudding lies in eating. Automotive companies have started recognizing Skill-Lync’s ability to place trained and skilled engineers. Surya cites an example where a global product engineering company in Bangalore has been hiring one out of every 2-3 Skill-Lync’s students interviewed in the last few months.

Surya explains: “All we ask companies is to keep an open mind and give upskilling students a fair opportunity to prove themselves. We see that companies do make the effort because they realize that both our fresh and upskilling students are more capable than even industry professionals with say 2 years of on-job experience.”

He feels proud that their ‘rate of success in placements is 2-3% as compared to the usual rate of 10%’.

Point of Differentiation

Skill-Lync has several USPs up their sleeve and one of them is that their primary focus is to help their students to keep their learning process continuous. Another is that every student, by the end of the course, gets to build a portfolio of their own which comprises industrial projects that they work on.

Surya points out more: “We have 100% placement for those looking for a job because not all of our students look for jobs at the end of it, but some go on to higher studies. In our executive leadership team, we have experts from the industry who bring with them a strong network and partnerships from the automotive segment. Our goal is to provide value to companies and become synonymous with quality.”

Additional Information

To enhance the Skill Lync experience, consider the following additional information and features:

  1. Placement Assistance: Skill Lync extends support beyond course completion by offering placement assistance to learners. This includes resume building, interview preparation, and connecting qualified candidates with job opportunities.
  2. Community Engagement: Join Skill Lync’s vibrant community to connect with peers, share experiences, and participate in forums and discussions. The community aspect fosters collaboration and networking among learners.
  3. Continuous Learning Opportunities: Skill Lync encourages lifelong learning by offering advanced courses and certifications. Users can continue to upgrade their skills and stay abreast of industry advancements through ongoing education.
  4. Skill Lync Events and Webinars: Stay updated on the latest industry trends and innovations by participating in Skill Lync’s events and webinars. These sessions provide valuable insights and networking opportunities.


Skill Lync in Hyderabad stands as a beacon of transformative education, revolutionizing the way individuals acquire skills and advance in their careers. By understanding the platform’s vision, exploring course offerings, registering and enrolling, engaging in project-based learning, and leveraging industry collaboration, users can unlock the full potential of Skill Lync. The platform’s commitment to practical, industry-relevant education, coupled with additional features like placement assistance and community engagement, ensures that learners in Hyderabad and beyond are well-equipped to thrive in today’s competitive professional landscape.

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