SDMS IndianOil: Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency


SDMS (Supplier Data Management System) IndianOil is a crucial component in the operational framework of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), one of India’s largest and most esteemed oil and gas companies. This paragraph aims to delve into the significance of SDMS IndianOil, emphasizing its role in supplier data management and fostering operational excellence.


Initially SDMS portal served agencies and business stakeholders. Today the portal allows for citizen use, offering gas refiling services and others services. The government-owned company provides an array of services. Business partners, distributors, and citizens can easily log in to the SDMS portal using login credentials. SDMS portal is an excellent platform for making online payments and transacting businesses with the Indian oil corporation.

RO/KSK Dealership
LPG distributors
COCO divestment and service provider
Petrochemicals/Polymer’s DCAs
Servo stockiest and more

Benefits of SDMS PX Web Portal 2024 ( )

  • The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) provides different products such as gas, oil, polymer, and more. This makes it’s easy for users to access products fast.
  • The portal helps distributors and business partners manage their business online.
  • SDMS portal has easy-to-use features and an attractive user interface.
  • A business partner can get information about the businesses from the online portal.
  • It’s an inclusive portal accommodating businesses partners, distributors, citizens, and government.
  • Dealers / Users can check the status of payments from the SDMS PX portal.
  • The portal provides details on payment history, sales, analysis, and other financial details.
  • The delivery person can download the cash memo online.
  • It’s easy to link mobile app and portals for better access.
  • All customer & Dealers contact information is available online.

SDMS Login

How to login to the Indian Oil portal

  • Open the Indian oil Corporation website page link
  • Next, click the “login” button on the homepage.
  • Enter your user ID and password to continue.
  • Now you can access the portal for different services.

How to Reset SDMS Login IOC Portal Password Online

All users require login credentials to access a variety of services. However, one can forget and recover their login details using the following steps.

  1. Open the Indian oil Corporation portal
  3. On the login page select the option “forgot password”
  4. Key in the user ID and select the “continue” button.
  5. The system will send an OTP code to your registered mobile number for the authentication process.
  6. Once verified the page will allow for a reset new password procedure.
  7. Now you can create a new password and confirm to complete the process.

How to Check Sales Order Supply Through the IOCL Official Website

The SDMS platform offers the user the privilege to check their order sold/supplied in a day using the following steps.

  1. Go to the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) page.
  3. The SDMS login page will display, type your user ID and password.
  4. The page’s dashboard will show various services, click “sales order”
  5. Next, click the search button.
  6. Now different options will open click “delivery from date and delivery till date”
  7. Next, click the “GO” button.
  8. All sales under the selected dates will appear on the screen.
  9. To learn the number of sales select the setting tab and click “record count.”
  10. The system will generate the number of records on the screen.

How to Check Payment Sales Order Details Online

The portal provides information about online payments from sales by different customers.

  1. Go to the Indian oil IOC SDMS portal.
  3. Proceed to the login page and enter your login credentials.
  4. On the dashboard click “sales order” >bulk generate invoice”
  5. The page will show a list of sales orders, select the search button to check the online paid orders.
  6. Select the checkbox indicated as “digital payment flag”
  7. Now click the “Go” button to get the orders.

The IOCL Account Statement

  1. Go to the official website page and click the “login” button
  2. https //
  3. Key in the user ID and password to continue.
  4. The current balance details will show, click the tab “for more details click here”
  5. Choose the date based on the gap of six months and click the “show transactions” tab.
  6. The report will show, user can export to excel by click the “export” button.
  7. To get a yearly report you need to select the date range twice (six months).

How to Add a New Employee to SDMS Portal

  1. Open the link
  2. Key in the login details to open the portal.
  3. On the dashboard select “service request” >partner sites from the menu.
  4. Proceed and click “site name” this will help open the names of employees under the tab.
  5. Next, click the additional icon (+) to add an employee.
  6. A new form will show enter the employee mandatory details such as family details, social security, bank account, training details, and identities.
  7. Recheck the information and click submit button.

Procedure to Check Subsidy Report Status

  • Open the website page and enter the user ID and password to log in.
  • On the menu click “relationships” > enter customer number >relationship ID.
  • The page will show the sales order report of the consumer.
  • Next select “report name” >subsidy status report.
  • Now click the “my reports” tab >subsidy status” option.
  • Proceed and click the “download” button.
  • The report will be downloaded in PDF format.

SDMS Adding New LPG Connection Process

  1. Visit the Indian oil SDMS website page.
  3. Enter the user ID and password to log in.
  4. On the dashboard click the option “contacts” to proceed.
  5. Next click an additional icon (+), a form will show on the screen.
  6. Enter the required details like personal address, name, identity, BPL, gender, date of birth, district, and more.
  7. Proceed and click “contact dedup” >general connection summary > click + icon.
  8. Choose the address and other requested details under the tab relationship section.
  9. Next click relationship ID to receive consumer ID.
  10. Save the consumer ID in the KYC document: category, scheme type, products, service area, etc.
  11. Now click the “OMC dedup” option
  12. The process will take few days to complete KYC process. Next, submit the documents and all required details.
  13. The registration process will successfully be completed.

How to Activate a Aeactivated Connection on the SDMS Portal

Step by step to

  1. Visit the website page and click “relationship” on the menu.
  2. Next, key in consumer number and relationship ID.
  3. The page will show the deactivation status.
  4. Proceed and click “service request” > add icon.
  5. Go to the re-activation request in LOB transaction type next to de-activation in the transaction sub-type.
  6. Select the SR number and enter the reason you want to reactivate.
  7. Now click + icon to upload the attachments.
  8. Choose POA-POI under identity type, Aadhaar UID, and other identity documents.
  9. Next, enter the Aadhaar number or the identity number.
  10. Select submit SR option to reactivate.

How to DE-link Aadhaar From The IOC Connection on Portal

Step by step process to DE-link Aadhaar number from IOC Connection on SDMS Portal

  1. First, open the SDMS website page.
  2. Enter your login details to access the page.
  3. Next, enter the option “relationships” option.
  4. Key in the consumer number and click the “relationship ID” option.
  5. To de-link the Aadhaar card select the last name.
  6. Choose the arrows next to identities and select “profile SR.”
  7. Select + icon and select Aadhaar delink under transaction type.
  8. Next click SR number>consumer’s Aadhaar number>submit SR.
  9. The delink process will take effect at any time.

Step 1: Understanding SDMS IndianOil’s Purpose: SDMS IndianOil serves as a comprehensive Supplier Data Management System designed to streamline the entire supplier lifecycle within Indian Oil Corporation. From onboarding suppliers to managing their information and ensuring compliance, the system plays a pivotal role in optimizing procurement processes.

Step 2: Supplier Onboarding and Registration: One of the primary functions of SDMS IndianOil is the efficient onboarding and registration of suppliers. The system facilitates a seamless and standardized process for suppliers to register, providing essential information and documentation. This step ensures that Indian Oil Corporation has a centralized and up-to-date repository of all its suppliers.

Step 3: Data Management and Centralized Repository: SDMS IndianOil excels in maintaining a centralized repository of supplier data. It encompasses a wide array of information, including supplier profiles, contact details, certifications, and performance metrics. This centralized approach enhances data accuracy, accessibility, and transparency across the organization.

Step 4: Compliance Monitoring and Documentation: Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies is a critical aspect of supplier management. SDMS IndianOil actively monitors and manages compliance, storing relevant documentation and certifications. This step not only mitigates risks but also ensures that suppliers adhere to the necessary standards and guidelines.

Step 5: Performance Evaluation and Feedback: SDMS IndianOil facilitates the continuous evaluation of supplier performance. The system generates insights into delivery timelines, product quality, and adherence to contractual terms. This data-driven approach allows Indian Oil Corporation to provide constructive feedback to suppliers, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Additional Information: Beyond its core functions, SDMS IndianOil may incorporate additional features and capabilities. This could include integration with other procurement systems, advanced analytics for predictive supplier management, and tools for real-time communication with suppliers. Exploring these additional aspects provides a comprehensive understanding of the system’s versatility and potential.

Benefits of SDMS IndianOil: The implementation of SDMS IndianOil brings forth several benefits for Indian Oil Corporation. These include enhanced operational efficiency, reduced manual errors, improved compliance management, and better decision-making through data-driven insights. The system acts as a catalyst for digital transformation within the procurement and supplier management domain.

Challenges and Solutions: While SDMS IndianOil significantly streamlines supplier data management, challenges may arise. These could include issues related to data accuracy, system integration, and adapting to evolving regulatory frameworks. Indian Oil Corporation actively addresses these challenges through regular system updates, user training programs, and collaboration with technology partners.


SDMS IndianOil stands as a cornerstone in Indian Oil Corporation’s commitment to operational excellence and efficient supplier management. By understanding its purpose, navigating its core functions, and recognizing the additional features it may offer, stakeholders gain a holistic perspective on how SDMS IndianOil contributes to the success and sustainability of one of India’s leading energy companies.

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