Table of Points for Pro Kabaddi League 2022: A Detailed Overview


Top kabaddi teams fought fiercely on the mat during the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2022 in an attempt to claim supremacy. Throughout the season, the points table was a vital gauge of team success because it showed the ups and downs of the league.

Knowing the Points System

It’s important to comprehend the kabaddi scoring system before digging into the specifics of the 2022 points table. Teams gain points by making successful raids and tackles; extra points are given for certain accomplishments. Their standing is determined by the cumulative total.

Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022 Season 9

The much anticipated Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 displayed the abilities and perseverance of elite Kabaddi players. The supporters were given a dynamic overview of team rankings and the race for playoff spots thanks to the points table, which was updated in real-time.

Important Elements of the Points Table

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Teams P W L D PTS SD
Puneri Paltan 7 6 1 0 31 90
Jaipur Pink Panthers 8 4 2 2 28 16
Gujarat Giants 8 5 3 0 28 14
Haryana Steelers 8 5 3 0 26 -16
Patna Pirates 8 4 4 0 22 12
Bengal Warriors 8 3 3 2 22 -11
U Mumba 6 4 2 0 21 7
U.P. Yoddhas 8 3 4 1 20 16
Dabang Delhi K.C. 7 3 3 1 20 7
Bengaluru Bulls 9 3 6 0 20 -38
Tamil Thalaivas 8 2 6 0 12 -40
Telugu Titans 7 1 6 0 8 -57
PKL 2023 Points Table 
The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Points Table provides an insightful snapshot of the current standings in the league. In the latest update, Puneri Paltan leads the table with an impressive 26 points, showcasing their dominance in the league. Following closely behind is Bengal Warriors, displaying a commendable performance and accumulating 21 points. Jaipur Pink Panthers comes in at 3rd position with 20 points. Haryana Steelers comes in at 4th position at 20 points. The complete points table list offers a comprehensive view of each team’s journey, detailing the number of matches played, wins secured, losses faced, and ties. Stay tuned for further updates on the Pro Kabaddi League Points Table, as teams continue to battle it out for supremacy on the kabaddi mat. The full points table list provides a comprehensive overview of the pro kabaddi league.

The points table is a reflection of a team’s league journey rather than only a numerical representation. It contains parameters like the net score difference, wins, losses, draws, and the total number of matches played. Every characteristic influences a team’s standing in the standings by adding to their total points.

Current Standings and Real-Time Updates

Fans of Kabaddi eagerly awaited real-time updates to learn how their preferred team was doing on any given day. The “Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022 Today” section provided up-to-date data, enabling supporters to observe the league’s constantly shifting terrain.

Competition for the Playoffs

As the league developed, so did the competition for postseason berths. Teams engaged in a calculated struggle for vital points in order to advance to the next round. For fans worldwide, the points table became a topic of intense debate and conjecture, raising the stakes even higher.

The Winner Takes It All

Winning the championship is the ultimate aim in each sports league. As teams competed for the coveted title, supporters were glued to their seats in the “Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022 Winner” area. The table not only identified the victor but also demonstrated the tenacity and will of the triumphant squad.

Transition to the 2022–2023 Season

As the 2022 season came to an end, excitement for the forthcoming Pro Kabaddi season grew. League 2022-23. Athletes eagerly looked for “Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2022-23” in order to see what early-season dynamics would be like and to make predictions about which teams would win the league.

Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2023


When the new season began, fans looked to the “Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2023” to find the most recent rankings. The chart represented the league’s changing dynamics and provided a path for teams hoping to establish themselves in the current season.

In summary

The Pro Kabaddi Points Table captures the heart of the league—its intensity, enthusiasm, and unpredictable nature—and is much more than just a list of statistics. The athletes’ commitment and talent are demonstrated by their all-out effort on the kabaddi mat, generating memories that supporters treasure. The points table continues to be a guiding light for fans as the league moves forward, taking them on an exciting trip through the Pro Kabaddi League.

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