Empowering Youth: A Deep Dive into the PM Yasasvi Yojana


Paving the Way for Skill Development with PM Yasasvi Yojana

PM Yasasvi Yojana stands as a beacon of hope for the youth of India, designed to empower them through skill development and employment opportunities. This comprehensive guide unravels the significance of the scheme, details the step-by-step process for availing its benefits, and provides additional insights through an illustrative chart.

PM YASASVI Scheme 2024

MSJ&E, a national testing agency founded by the government of India, is an autonomous, self-sufficient premier testing organization that conducts efficient and transparent standardized tests for the admission of applicants to premier higher education institutions. Consequently, the government has developed the PM Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for a Vibrant India (YASASVI).  

This scholarship is restricted to OBC, Nomadic, and semi-nomadic tribes, and DNT. The exact eligibility requirements are outlined in the next section. Students in 9th grade and those in 11th grade are awarded scholarships at two different levels. This scholarship program is granted only to Indian students. by the specific state/union territory to which the applicant belongs, i.e., where she/he resides. A written examination known as the YASASVI ENTRANCE TEST 2024 will be used to select applicants for scholarship awards.

PM YASASVI Entrance Test 2024 Details in Highlights

Name Yasasvi Entrance Test
Conducting Authority National Testing Agency (NTA)
Objective Exam to select students in Class IX and Class XI who fall within the OBC, EBC, and DNT categories for scholarship awards to attend Top Schools determined by the MSJ&E.
Mode of the Exam OMR based i.e., Pen and Paper mode
Exam Pattern Objective Type
Total Questions 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Medium English and Hindi
Submission of online Application Forms Last On January 31, 2024
Official Website https://yet.nta.ac.in/

PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Objectives

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MSJ&E) of the Government of India has created the PM Young Achievers Scholarship Grant Scheme for a Vibrant India (YASASVI) to award scholarships to students from various impoverished classes. PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Benefits. Scholarships provide these students with the resources they need to become financially independent and continue their studies.

1. Significance of PM Yasasvi Yojana

Skill Enhancement for Youth: PM Yasasvi Yojana is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the skills of the youth, making them more employable and contributing to the nation’s workforce. The scheme addresses the crucial need for skill development in alignment with the evolving job market.

Boosting Employment Opportunities: By focusing on skill development, the scheme directly contributes to creating more job opportunities for the youth. It aligns with the government’s vision of a skilled and self-reliant India, where every individual can harness their potential for personal and national growth.

2. Step-by-Step Process for Availing Benefits

Step 1: Scheme Awareness and Registration: Aspiring individuals begin their journey by gaining awareness of PM Yasasvi Yojana’s eligibility criteria and registering for the scheme. This involves providing necessary personal and educational details.

Step 2: Skill Assessment and Counseling: Registered candidates undergo a comprehensive skill assessment to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Counseling sessions follow, guiding individuals on suitable skill development paths based on their assessment results.

Step 3: Skill Development Training: Upon completion of the assessment and counseling, candidates embark on skill development training programs. These programs are tailored to industry requirements and aim to equip participants with practical skills that enhance their employability.

Step 4: Certification and Employment Assistance: Candidates who successfully complete the training programs receive certifications, validating their newly acquired skills. PM Yasasvi Yojana goes a step further by providing assistance in connecting certified individuals with potential employers, facilitating smooth entry into the workforce.

3. Additional Information and FAQs

Focus on Emerging Sectors: PM Yasasvi Yojana often emphasizes skill development in emerging sectors, aligning with the evolving needs of the job market. This ensures that participants are equipped with skills that are in high demand, increasing their chances of securing employment.

Collaboration with Industry Partners: The success of the scheme is attributed to collaborations with industry partners, who actively participate in designing and implementing skill development programs. This industry-driven approach ensures that the training provided aligns with real-world requirements.

4. Chart: Impact Metrics of PM Yasasvi Yojana

Metrics Description
Number of Registered Candidates Total individuals enrolled in PM Yasasvi Yojana
Skill Development Success Rate Percentage of candidates successfully completing training
Employment Placement Statistics Data on the number of candidates placed in jobs
Sector-wise Distribution Breakdown of individuals skilled in various industry sectors
Employer Satisfaction Feedback Feedback from employers on the performance of skilled individuals

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PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Benefits

  • The benefits the government provides through the scholarship scheme are as follows:
  • Firstly, this scholarship is transparent and tests are conducted to international standards, which determine the morals of students after they qualify for such exams.
  • The scheme provides a benefit for both class nine and class ten students only.
  • Under the scheme, class nine students will get a salary of Rs. 75,000 per year. Also, class 11 students will get 125,000 rupees per year.

Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal

YASASVI Entrance Test (YET) Structure 

Subjects of Test No. of Questions  Total Marks 
Mathematics 30 120
Science 20 80
Social Science 25 100
General Awareness/Knowledge 25 100

PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Eligibility Criteria

The following prerequisites must be met in order for candidates to be admitted to the entrance exam:

  • The applicant must have permanent residency in India.
  • A candidate must fall into one of the following categories: OBC/ EBC/ DNT SAR/NT/SNT.
  • Applicants for the PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 must have completed the eighth grade in order to sit for the tenth-grade examinations in the session of 2023
  • The yearly income of the applicant’s parents should not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakh.
  • Students applying for a ninth grade must have been born between April 1, 2004, and March 31, 2008.
  • Students applying for the eleventh grade must have been born between April 1, 2004, and March 31, 2008.
  • All genders are welcome to apply for this program.

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PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Documents Needed 

Documents needed for the schema are as follows:

  • A candidate must possess a class 10 passing certificate or a class 8 passing certificate.
  • Candidate must hold an income certificate
  • Identification card of the candidate.
  •  Email address and cellphone number.
  • The candidate must have at least one of the following credentials: Certificates for OBC/ EBC/ DNT SAR/NT/SNT, respectively.

PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Important Dates

Events  Important Dates 
Scheme Closing Date 31st January 2024
Defective Application Verification Date Open till 15 February 2024
Institute Verification Open till 15 February 2024
DNO/SNO/MNO Verification Open till 26 February 2024

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PM YASASVI Scheme 2024 Online Registration

  • Visit the official website of the YASASVI scheme, which can be found on the NTA website, in order to submit your application for the program.
PM YASASVI Scheme 2022 Online Registration
  • You will need to choose the register option from the menu that is located on the right side of the page.
  • When you click the Register button, a new page that is titled Candidate Registration Page will appear in front of you.
PM YASASVI Scheme 2022 Online Registration
  • On the candidate registration screen, you will need to enter in the candidate’s name, email ID, date of birth (D.O.B), and password before clicking the create account button.
  • You will be registered with no problems at all! But Note down the system-generated Application Number.

How to Apply for PM YASASVI Scheme 2023

  • After the candidate has successfully enrolled, they are eligible to apply for one of the following scholarship programs:
  • Candidates for Trust Think are required to log in by clicking the button labeled “login” located in the “helpful links” section of the main page.
  • You will then see a new page appear in front of you, on which you will be required to enter your application number and password before clicking the submit button.
  • After you have successfully signed in, go to the portal’s YASASVI test registration page to sign up for the exam.
  • Send in all of the information that was requested.
  • Keep the page for your own use in the future.

View School List

  • Open the official website of the scholarship scheme.
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen.
  • Now select the list of school options from the home screen.
View School List
  • A new page will be displayed where you have to select the state, city/ district, and name of the school.
  • On selection, the list of schools will be displayed on the screen.

View State-wise Allocation of Slots

  • Open the official website of the scholarship scheme.
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen.
  • Now select the State-wise Allocation of Slots options from the home screen.
  • The new PDF file will appear on the screen.
View State-wise Allocation of Slots
  • The file will have all the details of the slots.
  • Click on the download option to get the file downloaded to your device.

PM YASASVI Scheme Contact Details

  • NTA Help Desk: 011-69227700, 011-40759000
  • NTA Email address: yet@nta.ac.in
  • Website: www.nta.ac.in, yet.nta.ac.in, socialjustice.gov.in


Nurturing Talent, Igniting Futures

PM Yasasvi Yojana emerges as a transformative force in India’s quest for a skilled and employable youth population. The step-by-step processes ensure inclusivity, while the impact metrics chart showcases the tangible outcomes achieved through the scheme. By focusing on skill development and facilitating employment opportunities, PM Yasasvi Yojana paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the youth of India. The scheme epitomizes the government’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering self-reliance, and driving the nation towards sustainable growth.

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