Accessing and Managing Government Services in Bangladesh: PESP and Finance Platform

Accessing the PESP Platform

Embarking on your journey into the Prescription Electronic Submission Platform (PESP) begins with the crucial first step navigating to the official login page. This digital gateway serves as the entry point to a realm where healthcare professionals seamlessly submit electronic prescriptions, streamlining the prescription process for improved efficiency and accuracy.

User Credentials

Upon reaching the PESP login page, users encounter the gateway to their professional toolkit. Here, the second step involves providing specific user credentials — a designated username and password. These credentials act as the virtual keys, unlocking access to the extensive features and functionalities housed within the PESP system. The security of this information is paramount, marking the initial line of defense against unauthorized access.

Two-Factor Authentication

In a world where digital security is of paramount importance, the PESP platform takes an extra stride with the implementation of two-factor authentication. This third step adds an additional layer of protection, requiring users to complete a secondary verification process. By doing so, the platform ensures that only authorized personnel gain entry, fortifying the integrity of the system and the confidentiality of patient information.

Dashboard Navigation

With successful authentication, users step into the heart of the PESP system – the user dashboard. This multifaceted space serves as a command center, offering an array of tools, features, and information vital to the prescription submission process. The fourth step involves adept navigation through this dashboard, as users explore and utilize the platform’s capabilities to enhance their prescribing workflow. From electronic prescription creation to patient record management, the dashboard is the epicenter of efficiency.

Logout and Security Measures

As the PESP platform facilitates seamless interaction with patient data and prescription workflows, the fifth and final step underscores the importance of a secure exit. Logging out is not just a formality; it’s a pivotal security measure. Safeguarding sensitive information demands a conscientious approach to session conclusion. Beyond the logout button, healthcare professionals are encouraged to delve into additional security measures and best practices, cultivating a culture of data protection and privacy within their PESP accounts.

The PESP Finance platform, accessible through its official website at, represents a significant stride in the digitization of financial processes within the government of Bangladesh. The inclusion of “finance” in the URL underscores the platform’s specialized focus on financial transactions, payments, and expense management. Understanding how to navigate and effectively utilize the features within the PESP Finance system is essential for users seeking to streamline their financial responsibilities.

Payment Processing

Utilize the payment processing features available on the platform. This may involve initiating and approving payments, managing payee information, and tracking the status of transactions. The goal is to leverage the platform’s capabilities to facilitate secure and efficient financial transactions.

What did we discover

Similar to our earlier research, the PESP participants that we polled stated that they were adjusting to digital payments under the program with ease and that they had consistent access to the resources they needed. About ninety-five percent of respondents owned a cell phone, and the simplicity of cashing out and the close proximity to agents were frequently mentioned as advantages of the payment system. Furthermore, a higher percentage of respondents—93 percent—than in the previous research (80 percent) who had received cash payments preferred digital delivery.

Compared to mothers who received payments in cash, nearly three-quarters of mothers who received transfers digitally felt more in control of how the PESP funds were used. Among them were numerous mothers who, when they went anywhere, were joined by other (typically male) household members.many of whom did not feel comfortable using digital technologies themselves, and they cashed out. The new payment method seems to give women greater agency, at least in this area, especially if they use their own phone to make the purchase.


In conclusion, navigating the Prescription Electronic Submission Platform (PESP) and its specialized counterpart, the PESP Finance system, is a pivotal step in streamlining healthcare and financial processes in Bangladesh. These platforms offer a robust set of tools, emphasizing security, efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces. From user authentication to comprehensive dashboard exploration and secure logout practices, healthcare and financial professionals play an integral role in maintaining the integrity of these systems. As the digitization of processes advances, staying informed about security measures and optimizing platform features becomes imperative for a seamless and secure user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is two-factor authentication crucial on the PESP and PESP Finance platforms?

  • Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security, safeguarding against unauthorized access and enhancing the overall integrity of the systems.
  1. What does the PESP Finance dashboard offer in terms of financial management tools?

  • The dashboard provides access to various financial tools, including expense management, payment processing, and financial reporting, enabling users to efficiently manage their financial responsibilities.
  1. How can users ensure the confidentiality of their login credentials on these platforms?

  • Users should prioritize the confidentiality of their login credentials, keeping usernames and passwords secure to prevent unauthorized access.
  1. Why is logging out securely emphasized as a crucial security measure?

  • Secure logout is essential to protect sensitive information, ensuring that user accounts remain secure and preventing unauthorized access to patient data or financial information.
  1. Are there additional security measures and best practices recommended for users of the PESP and PESP Finance platforms?

  • Yes, users should familiarize themselves with best practices, such as periodic password updates, monitoring account activity, and staying informed about the latest security features recommended by the platforms to enhance overall security.

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