Unleashing Power and Style: Exploring the Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual


Embarking on an Automotive Adventure with the Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual

The Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual stands as a testament to Nissan’s commitment to delivering a blend of power, style, and advanced features in the compact SUV segment. This comprehensive exploration aims to unravel the facets that make this variant a standout choice. From its dynamic design to the turbocharged performance, step-by-step driving experience, and additional features, this guide provides an in-depth understanding of the Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual, showcasing its prowess in the automotive landscape.

1. Design and Exterior Features

Dynamic Design Language: The Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual boasts a dynamic and expressive design language. Its compact yet robust silhouette is complemented by signature Nissan elements, creating a striking presence on the road.

Exterior Features: Equipped with premium exterior features, the XL variant includes LED projector headlamps, stylish alloy wheels, and body-colored door handles. The front grille and sculpted lines contribute to a contemporary aesthetic, making a bold statement in the compact SUV segment.

2. Turbocharged Performance and Engine Specifications

Turbocharged Powerhouse: Under the hood, the Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual houses a potent 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. This powerhouse is designed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience, blending fuel efficiency with responsive performance.

Engine Specifications: Generating impressive horsepower and torque, the turbocharged engine ensures quick acceleration and effortless highway cruising. The manual transmission adds a layer of engagement, allowing drivers to control the gears and extract optimal performance.

3. Interior Comfort and Infotainment

Spacious Cabin: Step inside, and the Magnite XL offers a surprisingly spacious cabin, considering its compact footprint. Quality materials, comfortable seating, and thoughtful design elements create an inviting interior environment.

Infotainment Excellence: The infotainment system is a technological centerpiece, featuring a touchscreen display with connectivity options, smartphone integration, and navigation. The XL variant seamlessly integrates these technologies, providing convenience and entertainment on the go.

4. Safety Features and Driving Dynamics

Comprehensive Safety: Safety takes precedence in the Magnite XL, with advanced features such as dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and a reinforced safety structure. The manual transmission variant adds an extra layer of control, allowing drivers to navigate various driving conditions with confidence.

Driving Dynamics: The Magnite XL offers a nimble and agile driving experience, making it well-suited for urban commutes and weekend getaways. The manual transmission enhances the driving dynamics, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy a more hands-on driving feel.

5. Step-by-Step Driving Experience

Step 1: Ignition and Start: Starting the Magnite XL is an engaging experience. Insert the key or press the start button, and the turbocharged engine comes to life, emitting a distinctive sound that hints at the power within.

Step 2: Manual Transmission Engagement: Engage the clutch, select the desired gear using the manual transmission shifter, and release the clutch gradually. The manual transmission empowers drivers to have precise control over gear changes, contributing to a more connected driving experience.

Step 3: Acceleration and Handling: Feel the turbocharged power as you accelerate, experiencing the seamless coordination between the engine and the manual transmission. The Magnite XL handles corners with confidence, providing a balanced and enjoyable driving experience.

6. Additional Features and Chart

Connectivity and Convenience: In addition to the core features, the Magnite XL offers connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB ports, and compatibility with smartphone apps. These features enhance the overall driving experience by providing seamless connectivity and entertainment.

Chart: Key Elements of the Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual*

Elements Description
Design and Exterior Features Overview of the dynamic design and premium exterior features
Turbocharged Performance Insight into the powerful turbocharged engine and manual transmission
Interior Comfort and Infotainment Details about the spacious interior and advanced infotainment system
Safety Features and Dynamics Comprehensive safety features and driving dynamics
Step-by-Step Driving Experience A guide to the engaging driving experience with manual transmission
Additional Features Connectivity and convenience options for an enhanced driving experience
Chart Summary of key elements for easy reference

Likes & Dislikes


  • Beautiful looks (our Magnite grabs eyeballs wherever it goes.. so much so that my neighbour who owns a Mercedes Benz GLC 220D regularly peeps into my Magnite)
  • Superbly Value for Money
  • Very spacious cabin
  • Well equipped for its price – base model XE has rear wash & wipe, rear spoiler; XL model has auto climate control, power folding mirrors, steering mounted audio controls,
  • Very peppy and efficient turbo petrol engine
  • High ground clearance
  • 16 inch tyres
  • Turbo variants get additional features like VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control), Hill Start Assist, Traction Control System (TCS), Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA), ISOFIX seats, rear armrest with cellphone holder (in XL Turbo), 60:40 split seats
  • Good quality OEM Music system (4 speakers + 2 Tweeters) compared to some rivals
  • Well weighted steering & good suspension


  • Driver seat height adjustment lever is not present in XL model
  • Dashboard is set a bit too high which is difficult for a person of average height (I am using two cushions while driving, my height is 5.6 feet)
  • C Pillar is a bit wide which affects rear visibility a bit
  • Clutch is not light rather its bit deep, one gets used to it while driving regularly
  • Boot space is a bit less compared to competitors
  • The rear antennae height is non adjustable
  • Nissan should introduce more colour options atleast for Turbo XL variant owners as we are paying more than Magnite XV Non Turbo variant
  • No foglamps or DRLs are part of official accessories
  • No rear AC vents for Turbo XL variant

Buying decision

We were a family of 3 and we became a family of 4 very recently after I got married in March 2021. Since 2020, I was on the lookout for buying my first new car and I fixed a budget of 7.50 lakhs on road. We already have a 2008 Maruti Alto Celebration LXI model which has clocked 1.30 lakh km and still going strong. I, along with my father, narrowed down upon the following cars which suited to our budget:

  • Maruti Swift VXI
  • Maruti Dzire VXI
  • Renault Triber RXT
  • Nissan Magnite XL NA (wild card entry)

Our criteria was choosing a good spacious, peppy and efficient family car which we would take out for occasional trips around West Bengal and Odisha (my in laws place).

Maruti Swift VXI

We liked the Maruti Swift due to its peppy engine and affordable price. However, it was ruled out because I no longer wanted another hatchback and the rear seat area felt a bit claustrophobic due to the small windows.

Due to covid 19 restrictions, most dealerships weren’t providing test drive at home and therefore we waited. In end December 2020, I contacted a known Maruti Suzuki Arena dealer and he confirmed that on 9th January 2021 which was a Saturday, the sales person would bring the TD vehicle to my home.

Maruti Dzire 2020 Facelift

On 9th January, the sales representative brought a new Swift Dzire VXI model for a test drive. (Still dont know how he managed to get a Dzire VXI car for test drive as all test drive vehicles are top models for all brands, might have been a car from dealer stock).

The Maruti Dzire was my first choice since it was a very reliable product from MSIL. The facelifted Dzire looks really good and interiors are top class. The all new K12 N Dual Jet engine from Baleno is super silent and very peppy. Took the car for a test drive of 6 kms over broken roads, smooth patch of roads. The car handled them well but the low ground clearance with total 4 passengers and a driver on board, while negotiating two huge bumps scraped the car’s bottom. Plus my aging parents found that the car wasn’t that spacious with a third person in the rear seat and there was very less knee room. And the sales person of the showroom wasnt so friendly and behaved as if he was doing a favour to us by selling the Dzire. Waiting period for Dzire VXi model in Jan- Feb 2021 was a minimum 3- 4 months in Kolkata. So the Dzire was ruled out.

Renault Triber

During my contact with the Maruti dealer, I was also speaking with the Renault dealer in Kolkata for a possible test drive of the Triber. In the meantime, I searched and read all information on Renault Triber including Team-BHP official review, ownership reviews which really helped me a lot about understanding the product.

On 16th February 2021 Saturday, we saw a Renault Triber RXT TD vehicle in blue shade. All of us really liked the look of the car. It looks so European and looks like a small European minivan. We sat in the car and just loved the enormous space. Kudos to Renault India for bringing out so much space from a 4 meter MPV like Triber. I started the car and 3 cylinder engine came to life. One thing I noticed is that the car started shaking when the engine came to life and the rear silencer pipe was shaking tremendously in the TD car. Nevertheless, took out the car for a spin and switched on the AC. After test driving the Dzire, the Triber felt that its built to a cost. The car pulled but I found the driver’s seat not that comfortable, the clutch was hard and while going over a flyover with 4 passengers and AC on the car started to feel underpowered. (Off topic- I still wonder why Renault doesn’t give the Magnite’s turbo engine in Triber. Then it would be a very spirited performer.)

We checked out the third row in Triber and it was very spacious. The salesperson was very polite and explained the finance offers. The waiting period for Triber RXT in Kolkata in January 2021 was around 2- 2.5 months. The colour options were good and after having discussion with my parents and my soon to be wife, we narrowed down to Triber RXT.

Nissan Magnite

In the meantime, I was regularly in touch with a friend of mine who is into the auto journalism field and updated him about my test drive experiences of Dzire and Triber. At this point in time, I was also following Nissan which had just launched its most awaited compact SUV, Nissan Magnite in December 2020. My friend told me to test drive the new Nissan Magnite atleast once since it is good VFM alternative.

So, I decided to contact the sole Nissan dealer in Kolkata- Autorelli Nissan. Initially I was a bit skeptical about Nissan since no one in our family or close friends owned any Nissan car. However, two of our neighbors owned Nissan Terrano and they were quite happy with their cars. On 24th January, again a Saturday, Rajesh, a very helpful and polite sales executive from Autorelli Nissan came to my house with a Sandstone coloured Magnite XV Premium Non Turbo TD vehicle.

Nissan Magnite XL Turbo Petrol CVT PriceRs. 7,89,000 [Ex-showroom, ]

The price can change depending on the colour, accessories and other additional features.

State, City Ex Showroom Price On Road Price
Chandigarh Rs. 7,89,000
Tripura, Agartala Rs. 7,89,000
Gujarat, Ahmedabad Rs. 7,89,000
Mizoram, Aizawl Rs. 7,89,000
Punjab, Amritsar Rs. 7,89,000
Karnataka, Bangalore Rs. 7,89,000
Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal Rs. 7,89,000
Orissa, Bhubaneshwar Rs. 7,89,000
Tamil Nadu, Chennai Rs. 7,89,000
Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore Rs. 7,89,000


Elevating Driving Pleasure with the Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual

The Nissan Magnite XL 1.0 Turbo Manual stands as a compelling choice in the competitive landscape of compact SUVs. From its turbocharged performance to the engaging driving experience facilitated by the manual transmission, every element contributes to an automotive adventure. The combination of style, power, and advanced features positions the Magnite XL as a versatile companion for those seeking a dynamic and connected driving experience in a compact package.

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