Bringing Homes Closer: A Comprehensive Guide to Mo Ghara Yojana Odisha


Bridging Housing Gaps through Mo Ghara Yojana

Mo Ghara Yojana in Odisha is a pioneering initiative aimed at providing affordable housing to the economically weaker sections. This comprehensive guide delves into the significance of Mo Ghara Yojana, elucidates the step-by-step process for availing its benefits, and includes an illustrative chart highlighting key impact metrics.

1 So the first condition of Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) is that in this you will not be given a house for free, as in the housing scheme, the house is given for free, however, you will not be given a house for free, but you will get a loan to build a house, that too by the government. from the side of

Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) second side is that you will get a subsidy of ₹ 30000 on a loan of one lakh, that is, you will get a discount of ₹ 30000 if you take a loan of ₹ 100000, then you will have to return only ₹ 70000 and if you are from ST or such then you will get You will have to pay only ₹ 60000 or else you will get a subsidy of ₹ 40000

Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) fourth condition is that if you take a loan of say one and a half lakh rupees, then you will get 45000 or 55,000, if you are from OBC or general category, then you will get a subsidy of ₹ 45000, and if you are from ST or such then you will get Will to get a subsidy of ₹ 55000

Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) means that if you take 2 or ₹ 300000 loan and if you are in the general or OBC category then you will get a subsidy of ₹ 60000 and if you are from ST SC category then you will get a subsidy of ₹ 70000


Scheme Name Mo Ghara Yojana (Odisha) 2023
Lunch State Odisha
Lunched By Odisha CM (Naveen Patnaik)
Lunch Year 2023
Beneficiaries Odisha poor families who are looking for a home loan.
Purpose Provide Housing Loan to Odisha state poor families
Scheme Eligibility Family Income less than 25000/-pm
Loan Amount up to 3 lakhs
Repayment in Years 10
Apply from 16 June 2023
Application Last date Continuing ( Last date Not Declared now)
Application Mode Online Only
Slabs 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 3L
Total Budget More than 2k Crore
Post Type Sarkari Yojana
Official website
Helpline Number 155335 or 0674-6817777

Eligibility Criteria for Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme)

So let us talk about who can take advantage of Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) or who is eligible for it or what benefits or benefits you will get in these, so let’s go one by one. let’s discuss

1 Those who have not yet taken advantage of the housing scheme, those people can take advantage of Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) and take a subsidy

2 If you have very less houses or you have only one house then you can be eligible for Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme)

3 Under 3 schemes, you will be given a loan only from 100000 to 300000, more than this you will not get a loan.

4 If you have a raw house or a raw house, then you will get a house or if you have only one house, then you will get a house, if you have a house with three or four rooms, then you will not get the benefit of Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme) or it The scheme is not for you.

5 To take advantage of Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme), your monthly income should be less than ₹ 25000, if your income is more than ₹ 25000, then you will not get the benefit of this scheme or if you cannot take advantage of this scheme, then to apply it It is necessary to have your income certificate, so make caste income and resident certificate from now.

Document For Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme)

So let’s talk now that if you want to apply for Ghar Yojana (Scheme), then what documents you will have to keep, for this, you will have to keep your Aadhaar card, your bank account passbook, your cast certificate, your income certificate as well as Along with this, your resident certificate will also be attached and at the same time you will also have to see the civil here whether you have taken loan from any other place or not, otherwise you have to take care of this basic thing and you will get Aadhaar card, voter ID and your ID proof without ration. After arranging, you have to keep the cards, etc., and all these certificates.

Amount of Mo Ghara Yojana Odisha Loan Subsidy

Loan Amount Subsidy Provided (Rs)
1 lakh 30,000 Rs
1.5 lakh 45,000 Rs
2 lakh 60,000 Rs
3 lakh 60,000 Rs

How To Apply Online For Mo Ghar Yojana (Scheme)

So let’s now see how you can apply under this scheme and take advantage of this less, then you can apply online to take advantage of this scheme, which is going to be launched on its official site or Then this portal is about to be found, this site is going to be found on 16 June 2023, so from this date you can apply online from your home, but as I told you, all these documents are necessary with you, so you can download it First you keep it as soon as possible and after that, you can apply it online thank you

1. Significance of Mo Ghara Yojana

Affordable Housing Revolution: Mo Ghara Yojana stands as a revolutionary stride in Odisha’s housing sector, aiming to make affordable housing a reality for all. By addressing the housing needs of the economically weaker sections, the scheme contributes significantly to social and economic development.

State-Centric Approach: The yojana reflects the state government’s commitment to creating a sustainable and inclusive housing ecosystem. It envisions a state where every citizen has access to safe and dignified housing, fostering community development and well-being.

2. Step-by-Step Process for Availing Benefits

Step 1: Eligibility Verification and Registration: Prospective beneficiaries initiate the process by verifying their eligibility for Mo Ghara Yojana. This involves confirming income criteria and other relevant factors. Once eligibility is established, individuals proceed to register for the scheme through designated platforms.

Step 2: Application Submission and Documentation: Registered individuals submit their applications, accompanied by necessary documentation. Documentation includes income proof, residence details, and other essential papers to validate eligibility criteria and facilitate a smooth application process.

Step 3: Financial Assistance Approval: The scheme’s administrators rigorously evaluate applications to assess eligibility. Approved beneficiaries receive financial assistance, which may come in the form of subsidies, low-interest loans, or direct funding to facilitate home construction or purchase.

Step 4: Construction and Monitoring: Beneficiaries utilize the sanctioned funds for constructing or acquiring their homes. The yojana integrates monitoring mechanisms to ensure the allocated funds are utilized judiciously, and construction aligns with stipulated guidelines.

3. Additional Information and FAQs

Inclusive Provisions and Community Development: Mo Ghara Yojana includes provisions to cater to special categories such as women-headed households, scheduled castes, and tribes. The scheme emphasizes community development, fostering inclusivity and equal access to housing benefits.

Eco-Friendly Housing Initiatives: In alignment with sustainable development goals, the yojana encourages eco-friendly housing solutions. This may involve promoting energy-efficient construction practices, waste management, and the use of environmentally sustainable materials.

4. Chart: Impact Metrics of Mo Ghara Yojana

Metrics Description
Number of Beneficiaries Total individuals benefiting from Mo Ghara Yojana
Housing Completion Rates Data on successful completion of housing projects
Economic Upliftment Measuring the impact of the scheme on socioeconomic status
Special Category Allocation Percentage of allocations directed towards special categories
Eco-Friendly Housing Adoption Monitoring the uptake of eco-friendly construction practices


Mo Ghara Yojana – Transforming Homes, Enriching Lives

Mo Ghara Yojana emerges as a transformative force, propelling Odisha towards inclusive and sustainable housing solutions. The step-by-step processes ensure transparency, while the impact metrics chart demonstrates tangible outcomes achieved through the scheme. Mo Ghara Yojana symbolizes the government’s commitment to ensuring every citizen in Odisha has access to affordable and dignified housing, thereby fostering community development, enhancing well-being, and creating a more equitable society.

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