Empowering Girls: Ladli Bahan Yojana in Madhya Pradesh


Catalyzing Change through Ladli Bahan Yojana

Ladli Bahan Yojana, a transformative initiative in the state of Madhya Pradesh, aims to uplift and empower girls by providing financial assistance at crucial stages of their lives. This comprehensive guide sheds light on the significance of the Ladli Bahan Yojana, details the step-by-step process for online application, and unveils additional information, offering a holistic view of this pioneering scheme.

Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply Hello friends, if you are also a woman of Madhya Pradesh state, then the government is giving you ₹ 1000 every month as financial assistance under “Mukhyamantri Ladli Bahana Yojana 2023”.  The application process has started under this scheme. It has been done in this article, the complete information of which will be explained in simple and easy language, so read this article till the end.

 For your information, let us tell you that under Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply,  what type of documents will all the applicants have to fill as well as how to apply, the complete information of which will be explained in simple and easy language, hence read this article. Read till the end to understand the complete information.

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Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply- In Brief

state name Madhya Pradesh
  name of the scheme Chief Minister Ladli Brahmin Yojana 2023
Post Type   government scheme
Who can apply Only women from Madhya Pradesh state which will also include widows, divorced and abandoned women.
Benefit Image ₹1000
  How much profit will you get in a year? of ₹12000
Type of Application offline
official website Click Here

 Get ₹ 1000 per month under Ladli Bahan Yojana, know complete information – Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply

 Hearty congratulations and welcome to all the readers reading this Hindi article of ours ONLINEUPDATESTM.IN  . Through this article, we are going to  tell you complete information about “ Mukhyamantri Laadli Brahmin Yojana 2023” to all the women living in Madhya Pradesh. Let us tell you that Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply  has started through offline mode, the complete information of which will be explained in simple and easy language in this article, hence read this article till the end so that the complete information can be understood.

 Benefits of Ladli Brahm Yojana 2023?

 Under this scheme there are some following benefits which will be given to you-

  • Under Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply, its benefits will be provided to all the women of the state.
  •  Let us tell you that under this scheme, an amount of ₹ 1000 will be given to the selected women.
  •  Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 12000 will be sent directly to your bank account for the whole year to all the beneficiary women.
  •  Women getting ₹ 1000 per month means that women can buy the things they need with that amount and become self-reliant.
  •  Following are some of the benefits of this scheme
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What should be the eligibility to apply for Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme?

 To apply for Women Empowerment Scheme under this scheme, all the applicants will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned below.

  • Applicant must be a female candidate
  •  Applicant women, widows, divorced and abandoned women will also be included.
  •  Only women native of Madhya Pradesh state can avail the benefit of this scheme.
  •  Women must have completed 23 years of age and must be less than 60 years of age.
  •  The woman or girl who wants to apply for this scheme should not be a student of any school or college.

Documents required for Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme Apply

 Women and girls applying under this scheme will have to fill all the documents mentioned below which will be as follows

  • Aadhaar card of the applicant woman
  •  PAN card
  •  Bank Account Passbook
  •  Overall Family/Member ID
  •  Ration card
  •  Mobile number entered in Samagra portal
  •  passport size photograph

 You can apply for this scheme by completing all the above documents.

How to Apply Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme? 

All you female candidates who come from Madhya Pradesh state and want to apply for this scheme, then you will have to follow all the steps given below which will be as follows.

  • To apply for Ladli Bahan Yojana Scheme, first of all you  have to come to  the Gram Panchayat/Ward Office/Camper Site of your area.
  •  After coming here, you will have to get the “Mukhyamantri Laadli Brahmin Yojana 2023” application form which will be as follows
  •  After coming here you  will receive the Mukhyamantri Ladli Brahmin Yojana 2023 application form.
  •  Now you have to fill the application form carefully
  •  The mother must self-attest and attach it with the application form.
  •  After this you will have to self attest all the documents and attach them with this form.
  •  After this, you have to take all the necessary documents including the application form back to the same camp site/Gram Panchayat/Ward office and hand it over to the employee sitting there.
  •  After this you will be given a receipt which you can keep with you
  •  Now the entry of the form given by you will be done by the official through online medium, whose application status you can check.

How to Check Application Status Ladli Bahan Yojana?

All you applicants who have applied for this scheme will have to follow all the steps given below to see its status.

  • To check the status of your application under Ladli Bahan Yojana, you will first have to visit the home page of their official website, which will be as follows.

  •  After coming to the home page, you will get the option of  application status,  click on it.
  •   After clicking, a new page will open in front of you which will be like this

  •  Now in this page you will have to do your online registration/member and enter the overall order.
  •  Finally you have to click on submit option

1. Significance of Ladli Bahan Yojana

Financial Empowerment: Ladli Bahan Yojana stands as a beacon for financial empowerment, addressing gender disparities by offering financial aid to girls during key life stages. The scheme envisions a future where girls can pursue their dreams unhindered by financial constraints.

Promoting Education: One of the primary focuses of Ladli Bahan Yojana is promoting education among girls. The financial assistance provided acts as an incentive for families to invest in the education of their daughters, fostering a culture of learning and empowerment.

2. Online Application Process for Ladli Bahan Yojana

Step 1: Accessing the Official Portal: Visit the official Ladli Bahan Yojana portal. The user-friendly interface provides essential information about the scheme and a dedicated section for online applications.

Step 2: Registration and Login: To initiate the application process, users need to register on the portal. Once registered, log in using the provided credentials to access the application form.

Step 3: Filling the Application Form: The application form requires details such as the girl’s personal information, family details, and educational background. It’s crucial to ensure accurate and complete information for a seamless application process.

Step 4: Uploading Documents: Supporting documents, such as proof of identity, residence, and educational certificates, need to be uploaded. This step is essential for verification and validation of the provided information.

Step 5: Submitting the Application: After completing the form and uploading the necessary documents, submit the application. A confirmation message or receipt is usually generated, providing a reference for future inquiries.

3. Key Features of Ladli Bahan Yojana

Financial Aid at Various Stages: Ladli Bahan Yojana offers financial assistance at different life stages, including birth, education, and marriage. This multi-faceted approach ensures comprehensive support for the girl child.

Conditional Cash Transfers: The scheme incorporates conditional cash transfers, linking financial assistance to specific conditions such as school enrollment, attendance, and completion. This mechanism encourages sustained educational participation.

4. Additional Information and FAQs

Awareness Campaigns: Ladli Bahan Yojana conducts awareness campaigns to reach out to eligible families, ensuring that they are informed about the scheme’s benefits and the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The official portal includes a dedicated section addressing frequently asked questions. This resource assists applicants in clarifying doubts, understanding eligibility criteria, and navigating the application process.

5. Chart: Impact Metrics of Ladli Bahan Yojana

Metrics Description
Number of Applications Total applications received for Ladli Bahan Yojana
Conditional Cash Transfers Frequency and amount of conditional cash transfers
Educational Participation Metrics indicating the impact on girls’ education
Marriage Support Provided Number of girls receiving financial assistance for marriage


Transforming Lives, One Girl at a Time

Ladli Bahan Yojana emerges as a transformative initiative in Madhya Pradesh, envisioning a society where girls receive the support they need to thrive. By addressing financial barriers and promoting education, the scheme becomes a catalyst for positive change. The online application process enhances accessibility, while additional features and awareness campaigns contribute to its overall success. Ladli Bahan Yojana exemplifies the state’s commitment to empowering girls and building a future where every girl can unfold her potential without limitations.

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