The Kibho Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Overview

1. Introduction to Kibho

Kibho, a messaging app developed by the Indian company Patanjali, entered the digital communication arena with promises of secure and efficient messaging. However, the app faced scrutiny for security and privacy concerns, prompting a reevaluation of its features. This exploration focuses on the Kibho ecosystem, covering aspects like login procedures, the elusive “Kibho Coin,” and the overall user experience.

Kibho Crypto Currency is base on its own Kxchange platform. Moreover it has got 300 projects out of which 12 projects has already started. Again one more added advantage , kibho has got highest number of community people than any other crypto coin, or token , Also if you listen or attend their meetings zoom you will come to know the development and its growth slowly & steadily gaining popularity. So just by giving Rs. 500/- and gaining Kibho thru mining by seeing every 2 adds which was working till April 2023. Also many have earned thru this crypto. it started in 2020, but within this 3 years the rates of kibho reached nearly 900/- on its own platform. Also listed in 35 exchanges. So the whole scene is just wait n watch and learn everyday its diffrent platforms like intra day trading , selling , buying, k wallet joining , kxchange joining, and bonuses getting from the company is mind blowing! So I can personally say Future of Crypto is Kibho

2. Kibho Login Process:

The initial step in the Kibho journey involves the login process, crucial for accessing the app’s features securely. Users typically download the app from their respective app stores, whether Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS. After installation, users register with their credentials, creating an account that facilitates the login process. It’s imperative to examine the app’s security measures and privacy settings during this phase, ensuring user data is protected.

1 kibho coin price in india

Below you can see the price of Kibho coin. Kibho Coin Price Today



kibho Kibho Coin price
1 540
2 1080
3 1620
4 2160
5 2700

3. User Interface and Experience:

A seamless and intuitive user interface is paramount for any messaging app’s success. kibho. in user experience is influenced by factors such as ease of navigation, message delivery speed, and additional features like multimedia sharing or voice messages. Evaluating user feedback and reviews provides insights into the strengths and areas for improvement in the app’s interface and overall user experience.

Kibho in 4 income plan

  • 1st – Ad View Income

On this, you are given some ads on Kibho app, which you have to watch. If you watch all the ads then you get 2 kibho coins. Which remains stored in the account. You cannot withdraw it immediately.

After about 100 days you can take out some part of it. Which Kibho coin calls its stackable coin.

  • 2nd – Referral Income

You know the meaning of Refer and Earn. On this also, when you make a successful referral, you get some kibho coins in return. And this refer and earn downline goes up to level 25. That means when someone joins below you, then when 25 people below him join, you will get some of their share.

Downline Inter District
Other District
Other State
Level 1 30 coin 45 coin 60 coin
Level 2 15 coin 22 coin 30 coin
Level 3 15 coin 22 coin 30 coin
Level 4 12 coin 18 coin 24 coin
Level 5 8 coin 12 coin 16 coin
6 to 25
5 coin 7 coin 10 coin

Let us tell you that successful referral means that when you refer someone, he should open his account and deposit Rs 500 on kibho. in. Only then you will get referral bonus.

  • 3rd – Purchase Income and Gift

Purchase income and Gift is applicable when you buy something from kibho mart. That means, if you buy online from their link, you also get some commission. And when you buy goods from Kibho Mart, a discount of 20% is given. And some cashback is also available.

If many people join under you then you get a gift. You can see in the table below what you get when you add how many people.

Direct Downline Reward
66 Smart Phone
132 Bike
1584 Car
  • 4th – Additional Benefits

When you add 25 people under you, you get 500 kilo coins. And when people below you add 25 people to their donline, then you also get some share from them. Which kibho calls Additional Benefit.

how to withdraw money from kibho coin

To withdraw money from Kibho Coin, you will first have to complete your KYC. After that you can withdraw your money from kibho. in . For this you have to follow some steps given below.

  • complete KYC – To complete KYC, you have to first click on the menu on the left side. And after that click on My Profile Edit.
how to withdwaw money from kibho
Step 1
  • Fill Details – After that you have to fill all your details. Like name, email, bank details and all other things which have been asked.
how to withdwaw money from kibho 2
Step 2
  • Transfer money – After completing KYC, you have to go to Kibho dashboard. There is an option of kibho. in local exchange on it. Below that you get the option of Transfer coin. So that you can transfer your own Kibho coin.
how to withdwaw money from kibho
Step 3
  • The money is transferred to your account 3 to 4 days after the transfer.

Other Details & Information

BMUU AND Kibho app TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED’s status is Active as per the records. The company is Unlisted.

CIN U28999AP2020PTC114616
ROC Code RoC-Vijayawada
Registration Number 114616
Company Category Company limited by Shares
Company SubCategory Non-govt company
Class of Company Private
Authorised Capital(Rs) 1500000
Paid up Capital(Rs) 100000
Number of Members(Applicable in case of company without Share Capital) 0
Date of Incorporation 28-05-2020
Registered Address D.NO. 39-33-99, PLOT NO MIG-287, PHASE-II, MADAVADARA, VUDA COLONY VISAKHAPATNAM Vishakhapatnam AP 530018 IN
Address other than R/o where all or any books of account and papers are maintained
Email Id
Whether Listed or not Unlisted
Suspended at stock exchange
Date of last AGM 31-12-2021
Date of Balance Sheet 31-03-2021
Company Status(for efiling) Active
Last Updated On 27-07-2022

Directors/Signatory Details

DIN/PAN Name Begin date
08338062 VENKATARAO KILAPHARTY 28-05-2020
08748871 NIRMALA KILAPARTHI 28-05-2020

4. Kibho Coin:

The concept of “Kibho Coin” has piqued interest and raised questions within the community. While details might be scarce, it suggests a potential integration of a cryptocurrency or blockchain element within the kibho. in ecosystem. Understanding the mechanics, utility, and any associated benefits of Kibho Coin requires a closer look at official documentation or announcements from the developers.

5. Security and Privacy Measures:

In the context of messaging apps, security and privacy are paramount. Users entrust these platforms with personal and sensitive information. An examination of Kibho insecurity measures should include end-to-end encryption, data storage policies, and any additional features that fortify user privacy. Transparent communication from the developers regarding these aspects builds trust within the user base.

kibho. in as of now seems to fake but considering the number of projects it has launched recently, it seems real sometimes.

Why do I feel Kibho is fake?

When i searched the characteristics of a real cryptocurrency and compared it with Kibho app none of that matched.

Transparency: A real crypto should have Transparency but with Kibho in it’s hard to get any proper information. They have their websites but you don’t see a proper about us section.

It published its white paper but not on its website but in the form of PDF shared by some youtubers. Social site handle mentioned is either incorrect or not authentic.

It promises of making you rich, which is not characteristics of a real crypto. As in crypto, price fluctuates a lot.

It lack community support. A real crypto has active community support.

kibho. in is just launching premature websites. It doesn’t have full features and new websites are down frequently.

Why Do I Feel Kibho Real Sometimes

It is in its nascent stage. It has gathered a lot of money from its users. It has 7+ crore users of Saving Account, joining fee was Rs. 500. So with this amount, they are bringing projects.

Now they are amateur but they can get the expertise.

If you want yo invest in it, go with your gut feelings and risk taking capability.

Chart: Kibho Ecosystem Overview

Some of the important information regarding kibho, kxchange and tallwinlife:

Websites kibho, kxchange and tallwinlife
Year 2024
Mode Online
Article [kxchange .in] kibho login – k, kxchange { login}
Details Required
  • Sponsor Account Number
  • Full name of Associate
  • Mobile Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
Login Credentials
  • Username
  • Password
  • You will get a few easy-to-use personal accounts on the website.
  • You will be secured and provided protection 24/7.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You will get help from a professional anytime.
  • You can do the registration for free on the website.
  • You will be provided with high-class security.
  • The payment procedure and distribution program are very simple and effective.
  • The transactions are done fastly.
  • You can do seamless transactions through the website.
  • The website is very simple and efficient.
  • You will get the help of professionals anytime.
Is it safe Yes
Official Website

Kibho Crypto: How To Join And Earn?

In the Khibo, there is not much product present, but the product exists in only one form. Due to this product, the price of Khibo coins keeps increasing continuously, but at this period, the price of keyboard coins is going down a lot.

Let’s see how you can join this company. It is very easy to join. First of all, you have to go to their official website and register yourself by providing some important information about yourself. This important information includes your name, address, occupation, phone number, etc.

If you still do not understand how to join this company, there is an option on the Khibo website to contact their official associate, through whom you can easily join.

If you want to earn money through their business plan, you have to become an associate of a Kibho company, which means you have to buy a product from Kibho, which is a Kibho app coin.

Kibho Crypto: Products And Plan

Each company has its model, according to which they distribute money to their distributor, who works for them. Let’s understand how Kibho coins distribute their income to the distributor who works for them. They have four in Complan through which their distributors are earning.

Ad View Income:

This is your first source of income from a Kibho coin. In this, the distributor has to watch an ad on the registered website, and after they complete watching their ad, they receive a Kibho coin.

Referral Mining Income:

Referral mining income is the second type of income from Kibho Crypto. If you want to earn through this income, then you have to add someone to your downline, as we all know it’s a multilevel marketing system, and you have to create a chain. As you successfully join someone below you, you will get a Kibho coin in return. This means you have to make them associates, and your referral only becomes an associate when they invest 500 in Kibho coins.

The company has different rules for the downline. If your downline is from the same state or same district, you will get 75 Kibho coins when you join them in your downline. And if you join someone from a different state, you will get 150 Kibho app coins.

Purchase Mining Income And Gift:

In this purchase mining income, you will only get this income if you buy something from Kibho Mart. This means whenever you buy something from Kibho Mart, you will get a 20% discount and some cashback, which you will get in the form of Kibho coins.

Let’s talk about how you will get gift items. Here,  we completely know Kibho operates on a chain model, so if you joined 66 associates through you on your downline, then you will get a new smartphone. Similarly, if you join 132 associates, you will get a new bike.

What Is Purchase Mining Offer?

Purchase mining offer provided by Kibho coin: if you purchase anything from khibo, then you will get a 20% discount on the product and you will also get cashback in the form of Kibho coin.

You can use this Kibho coin directly in the Kibho Mart if you have a sufficient amount of coins to purchase any product directly from Kibho in Mart.

Kibho Mart’s Extension In India

Kibho Mart’s extension in India is in the plan of Kibho Crypto, which means they are planning to open Kibho Marts all over Kibho Marts all over India, but as of now, it is only in their plan. They are making this plan to earn more money and distribute it to their associates.

Kibho Fake or Real

As per the data available on the internet, we are all aware of this company and how it works. But, it is claiming that this Kibho Company is a cryptocurrency, which is completely fake and not real. Along with this, there is no legal document like a white paper or wallet address available on the website.

One thing that completely confirms is that this is a fake cryptocurrency and according to Coinpaprika the price of Kibho Coin is $0. One more thing, it isn’t available on any cryptocurrency exchange. Another valid reason is that this company faked its market cap, according to its market cap is $662.94 trillion and only 158 kibho coin holders are there.

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