Cultivating Prosperity: Unveiling the Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana


Empowering Farmers through Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana

Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana stands as a crucial initiative dedicated to the welfare of farmers, aiming to mitigate agricultural distress and ensure their financial stability. This comprehensive guide delves into the significance of the scheme, outlines the step-by-step process for availing its benefits, and sheds light on additional information and metrics through an illustrative chart.

The problems of farmers have increased due to continuous back to back drought in Jharkhand. To provide relief to the farmers from this problem, the state government is running a crop relief scheme. 14 lakh 28 thousand 187 farmers of Jharkhand have applied to avail the benefits of the scheme. The farmers who applied were those whose crops dried up in their fields because there was no timely rain in the state. Initiatives are being taken by the department to provide relief to these farmers and the farmers who have applied under the crop relief scheme are being verified. Under this process, 6.5 lakh farmers have been verified so far.

Under this scheme, farmers from all the districts of the state applied but maximum applications have come from Deoghar district. According to the information received from the department, 273984 farmers have applied from here. Garhwa is at second place, 136647 farmers have applied here. Whereas till November 30, 93 thousand 611 farmers had applied from all the six blocks of Jamtara district. At the same time, only seven thousand farmers from Godda district have applied under the crop relief scheme. This time there was good rainfall here compared to other districts.

Out of the applications received, 18432 applications were rejected.

According to departmental sources, out of the applications received on the portal, 18432 applications have been rejected due to various reasons, while 39015 applications are pending with the civil servants. The remaining applications have been verified online at various levels.

Under this scheme, a provision has been made for compensation to the farmers who have registered for crop loss, that too free of cost. Only new farmers have to pay a fee of Rs 40 for registration and already registered farmers have to pay Rs 10 for renewal. Farmers have got their registration done online through the nearest Pragya Centre.

What did the District Cooperative Officer say?

District Cooperative Officer Chandrajit Khalko said that till November 30, 93 thousand 611 farmers from all the six blocks of the district have got themselves registered.

According to the rules, if a farmer’s crop is damaged by 50 percent or more, he will be given a compensation of Rs 4,000 per acre, while if the loss is less than 50 percent, he will be given compensation of Rs 3,000 per acre. Provision for compensation has been made only on a minimum of 10 decimals and a maximum of five acres of land owned by the farmer.

The District Cooperative Officer said that online verification work is going on on the one-line applications received from the farmers on the departmental portal by the light workers, circle inspector, zonal officer and other officials.

Verification of 6.50 lakh farmers done

The last date to apply for the scheme was kept till 30th November. Under this, more than 14 lakh farmers from across the state had applied. To apply under the Crop Relief Scheme, farmers have to pay Rs 40 for the first time, while for second renewal they have to pay Rs 10. Farmers can get themselves registered by visiting their nearest Pragya Kendra. So far, 6.50 lakh farmers have been verified across the state. Whereas in Jamtara district, 18432 applications have been canceled due to various reasons.

1. Significance of Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana

Addressing Agricultural Distress: Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana holds significance in addressing the challenges faced by farmers during times of agricultural distress. The scheme is designed to provide financial relief and support to farmers in Jharkhand, safeguarding their livelihoods.

Ensuring Financial Stability: One of the primary goals of the scheme is to ensure the financial stability of farmers by offering assistance during crop failures, natural calamities, or other unforeseen circumstances. This, in turn, contributes to the overall economic well-being of the farming community.

2. Step-by-Step Process for Availing Benefits

Step 1: Scheme Registration: Farmers interested in availing the benefits of Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana begin by registering for the scheme. This registration process typically involves providing essential details such as landholding information, crop details, and personal identification.

Step 2: Crop Insurance Enrollment: The scheme often incorporates crop insurance as a component, and enrolled farmers are encouraged to participate in the insurance program. This step ensures a comprehensive coverage mechanism, offering financial protection against crop losses.

Step 3: Assessment and Verification: Upon registration, the provided details undergo assessment and verification by the concerned authorities. This step is crucial to validate the eligibility of farmers and determine the level of assistance they qualify for under the scheme.

Step 4: Compensation Disbursement: Once the assessment is complete, eligible farmers receive compensation or financial assistance based on the predefined criteria. The disbursement is aimed at aiding farmers in overcoming the challenges posed by crop failures or other adverse circumstances.

3. Additional Information and FAQs

Crop-specific Support: Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana often extends support for specific crops that are predominant in the region. This targeted approach ensures that farmers cultivating different crops receive tailored assistance based on their specific needs.

Coordination with Agricultural Departments: The scheme collaborates with various agricultural departments to facilitate efficient implementation. This includes leveraging technology for data management, coordinating with extension services, and organizing awareness programs for farmers.

4. Chart: Impact Metrics of Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana

Metrics Description
Number of Registered Farmers Total farmers enrolled in Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana
Crop-specific Assistance Breakdown of assistance provided for different crops
Compensation Disbursement Amount disbursed to farmers during specific periods
Crop Insurance Enrollment Percentage of farmers participating in crop insurance
Awareness Program Reach Metrics indicating the reach and impact of awareness programs

There should be minimum 10 decimal land damage

According to the rules of the crop relief scheme being given to the farmers in Jharkhand, if a farmer suffers a loss of 50 percent or more of his crop, then he will be given a compensation of Rs. 4,000 per acre, while if the loss is less than 50 percent, he will be given a compensation of Rs. 3,000 per acre. . Under this, to avail the benefit, a provision has been made to give compensation to the farmer in case of loss on a minimum of 10 decimals and a maximum of five acres of land.


Sowing Seeds of Prosperity for Jharkhand’s Farmers

Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana emerges as a pivotal tool in sowing seeds of prosperity for the state’s farmers. The step-by-step process ensures accessibility, while the chart depicting impact metrics provides a snapshot of the scheme’s success in reaching and benefiting the agricultural community. By addressing agricultural distress and fostering financial stability, the scheme plays a vital role in elevating the livelihoods of Jharkhand’s farmers and contributing to the overall growth of the agricultural sector. Jharkhand Fasal Rahat Yojana stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to the well-being of its farming community.

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