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The Health ID portal, accessible at health, heralds a new era in healthcare management, aligning with the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) in India. This comprehensive exploration unveils the origins of the Health ID initiative, its unique features, the user login experience, and the transformative impact it holds for individuals and the healthcare ecosystem.

Post Name Unique Health Card Benefit & Online Apply 2021 | Health registration | NDHM Health Id
Organisation NDHM Health Id
Scheme Name Unique Health Card Registration
Scheme Launch Date 27 January 2021
Official Website
Post Date 28-09-2021
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Short Info.. Recently, the portal has been released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to create a unique health card NDHM Health Id. Through which any person of India can get his Unique Health Card Registration. Whose complete information will be told to you in this post like what is a unique health card, What is its advantage? (Unique Health Card Benefits) And how you can make Unique Health Card Online Apply 2021

Understand the Unique Health Card in such a way that you will have a health card, in which all the information related to your health will be kept in the Unique Health Card . Like which doctor did you see last time? Which medicine did that doctor give you? What was its impact on you? You can upload all the reports of which tests you had done and it will also be uploaded from time to time from the hospital. The doctor will find out all the information related to your health from the PHR address of this Unique Health Card through an OTP verification.

Step 1: Inception and Vision

Genesis of Health ID: Delving into the origins of the Health ID initiative sheds light on its inception as a key component of the National Digital Health Mission. Understanding the vision behind its creation establishes the framework for its role in transforming healthcare.

National Digital Health Mission (NDHM): This section outlines the broader context of NDHM, emphasizing how Health ID aligns with the mission’s overarching goals of providing accessible, inclusive, and digitized healthcare services to all citizens.

Step 2: Key Features and Functionalities

Unified Health Records: Health ID empowers users to maintain unified health records securely. This segment explores the platform’s features for compiling and managing comprehensive health information in one accessible location.

Unique Health Identifier: Highlighting the significance of the unique health identifier assigned to each individual underscores the platform’s commitment to accurate and efficient health data management.

Interoperability and Integration: Examining how Health ID promotes interoperability and integration within the healthcare ecosystem showcases its role in streamlining communication between healthcare providers, laboratories, and other stakeholders.

Step 3: User Login Experience

Creating a Health ID Account: This section guides users through the process of creating a Health ID account, emphasizing the simplicity and security measures in place to ensure a user-friendly registration experience.

Accessing Personal Health Records: Exploring how users can log in to access and manage their personal health records offers insights into the platform’s commitment to user-centricity and privacy.

Authentication Protocols: Highlighting the authentication protocols implemented during the login process showcases the platform’s dedication to safeguarding sensitive health information.

Step 4: Impact on Healthcare Delivery

Empowering Patients: Health ID empowers individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey. Analyzing how users can take charge of their health decisions and engage with healthcare providers illustrates the platform’s impact on patient empowerment.

Streamlining Healthcare Services: Examining how Health ID streamlines healthcare services, from appointment scheduling to telemedicine consultations, provides insights into its role in enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Public Health Insights: Discussing how Health ID contributes to public health insights through aggregated and anonymized data showcases its potential to inform policy decisions and public health strategies.

Step 5: Security and Privacy Measures

End-to-End Encryption: Exploring the end-to-end encryption measures implemented by Health ID emphasizes its commitment to securing health data from unauthorized access.

Compliance with Data Protection Laws: Highlighting Health ID’s compliance with data protection laws and regulations assures users of the platform’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and legal requirements.

User Education on Privacy: Emphasizing the importance of user education on privacy practices encourages responsible and informed use of the platform, fostering a culture of data privacy awareness.

Step 6: Future Developments and Collaborations

Innovations and Upgrades: Discussing envisioned future developments, including technological innovations and platform upgrades, offers glimpses into how Health ID aims to stay at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions.

Collaborations with Healthcare Providers: Exploring collaborations between Health ID and healthcare providers underscores the platform’s role in fostering a collaborative healthcare ecosystem.

Digital Health ID Card Yojana Benefits |Benefits of Digital Health ID Card Scheme

There are numerous benefits of this Digital Health ID Card Yojana-

  1. Repeated tests of pathology and radiology and many other tests will not need to be performed time and again. As the doctor can get all from the Ayushman Bharat Digital health card database.
  2. Details of all the diseases and past treatments will be on the database.
  3. Every doctor and hospital can avail of the Ayushman Bharat Digital health card database to access the patient details.
  4. Digital Health Card can be easily created by the National Digital Health Mission Portal
  5. This card is also linked with the Aadhar and Aadhaar database so the identity proof is also embedded on this Digital Health Card.
  6. You can carry your digital What do I need to apply for the Digital Health Card?

The person who wants to register for this Digital Health Card Yojana must maintain the following documents within him while registration.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Address proof
  • Registered mobile number with aadhar card
  • Previous medical treatment history reports.

In the registration process, the Aadhar card is very much mandatory for unique identification and for identity verification purposes.

How does NDHM work?

What does NDHM Really mean for hospitals and patients? - BestDoc

The National Digital Health Mission, or NDHM, also known as the Ayushman Bharat Health Mission, was created by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to assist with the integration of digital health infrastructure in India.

The digital health ID is linked to the NDHM, acting as a consent manager. The digital platform will want the patient’s permission to allow a seamless flow of personal health details via digital channels from the Personal Health Records module.

Here are the main functions of the NDHM.

  • All information related to health services shall be provided via a mobile app along with the doctor’s details.
  • All information related to the medical treatment of the digital health cardholder is stored and recorded digitally.
  • X-rays, diagnostic reports, and other medical documents are stored in the holder’s account for ready reference.
  • If doctors want, they can access the diagnostic reports, medical files, and treatment information of the person through the app.
  • Doctors can also register as Digi Doctors along with the facility of their digital signatures.
  • Anyone may voluntarily sign up for a health card.

What is the need to create a digital health ID card?

PM Digital Health ID Card Apply online आयुष्मान भारत डिजिटल मिशन

This card makes it easy to access, share and manage your medical records digitally securely. Using this card, your medical records are stored in a secure and safe environment instead of physical or traditional medical documents.

Some advantages of a digital health ID card.

  • Use the mobile app for easy access to the card.
  • Manage and share records to facilities, healthcare professionals and healthcare centres.
  • You can deactivate/delete the digital health ID.
  • Personal medical records may be accessed easily, stored in a reliable and secure environment.


Health emerges as a transformative force in India’s healthcare landscape, ushering in an era of digitized, patient-centric healthcare. By providing individuals with a secure and accessible platform to manage their health records, Health ID contributes to the broader mission of NDHM. As the platform evolves and integrates with healthcare providers, its potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery and public health strategies becomes increasingly evident. Health ID stands as a beacon in the digital health revolution, symbolizing the convergence of technology, patient empowerment, and a more connected and responsive healthcare system.

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