Emeralde Credit Card: A Comprehensive Guide


Unveiling the Extravagance of the Emerald Credit Card:

The Emerald Credit Card emerges as a symbol of opulence and exclusivity in the world of credit cards, offering a plethora of benefits designed to cater to high-net-worth individuals and discerning consumers. This comprehensive guide delves into the significance of the Emerald Credit Card, elucidating its key features, application process, step-by-step usage, and additional insights. From understanding the eligibility criteria to maximizing the privileges, this exploration aims to provide a holistic overview of the luxurious perks associated with the Emerald Credit Card.

1. Contextualizing the Emerald Credit Card

Elite Card for Discerning Consumers: The Emerald Credit Card is positioned as a premium offering, tailored to cater to individuals who seek not just a credit card but an elevated lifestyle experience. Its exclusivity often comes with a range of concierge services, travel benefits, and enhanced rewards programs.

Card Overview: The Emerald Credit Card is typically issued by select financial institutions to a curated clientele. It is distinguished by its distinctive design, premium materials, and a suite of benefits that go beyond conventional credit card offerings.

2. Key Features and Benefits

Luxurious Welcome Offers: Emerald Credit Cardholders are often greeted with lavish welcome offers, which may include bonus reward points, travel vouchers, or access to exclusive events. These introductory perks set the tone for the premium experience associated with the card.

Concierge Services: One of the hallmarks of the Emerald Credit Card is the inclusion of concierge services. Cardholders can avail themselves of personalized assistance for travel bookings, event planning, and reservations at upscale restaurants.

3. Application Process and Eligibility Criteria

Elite Eligibility Requirements: Securing an Emerald Credit Card is usually reserved for individuals with a high credit score and a substantial income. The application process may involve a stringent vetting process to ensure that the card’s exclusivity is maintained.

Application Channels: Prospective cardholders can apply for the Emerald Credit Card through designated channels, including online platforms or by contacting the issuing bank directly. The application typically requires submission of financial documents and personal information.

4. Step-by-Step Guide to Card Usage

Step 1: Card Activation and Setup: Upon receiving the Emerald Credit Card, the cardholder needs to activate it through the prescribed channels, often via a secure online portal or by contacting customer service. This step is crucial to ensure the card is ready for use.

Step 2: Understanding Rewards Programs: Emerald Credit Cards often come with intricate rewards programs. Cardholders need to familiarize themselves with earning and redeeming points, considering that these cards may offer exclusive redemption options such as access to luxury experiences.

Step 3: Availing Travel Benefits: Maximizing travel benefits, which may include airport lounge access, complimentary upgrades, and travel insurance, requires strategic planning. Cardholders should review the card’s terms and conditions to fully leverage these perks.

5. Additional Information and Chart

Annual Fees and Maintenance: While the Emerald Credit Card offers a host of privileges, it may come with a substantial annual fee. Cardholders should be aware of these fees and any additional charges associated with maintaining the card.

Chart: Key Elements of Emerald Credit Card Exploration

Elements Description
Contextualization Placing the Emerald Credit Card in a broader context
Key Features and Benefits Overview of welcome offers, concierge services, and rewards
Application Process and Eligibility Criteria Navigating elite eligibility and the application journey
Step-by-Step Guide to Card Usage Maximizing the Emerald Credit Card experience
Additional Information Insights into annual fees, maintenance, and additional charges
Chart Summary of key elements for easy reference


Type Super Premium Credit Card
Reward Rate 1%
Annual Fee 12,000 INR + GST = 14,160 INR
Best for Airport Spa / Lounge & Bookmyshow benefits
USP Airport Spa benefit

ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card is good for its airport benefits with its unlimited access to Airport Spa’s in India and lounges across the world.

Joining Fees

The Emeralde credit card comes in two fee options for you to choose from: Monthly/Annually. Here is the fee structure:

Monthly membership Fee Rs. 1,000+GST
Monthly membership Fee Waiver Spend Rs.1L in previous month
Joining / Annual Fee Rs.12,000+GST
Annual Fee Waiver Spend Rs. 15L in the card anniversary year

Annual plan is the best in my opinion for most card holders. Yet, monthly plan would still fit in if you intend to do regular spends on the card.

Also, it’s given as first year free for select individuals both as an upgrade and also as a fresh card, based on the profile.

While monthly fee is a nice idea, I would rather expect something like a quarterly fee instead. That will reduce a lot of pressure on our minds.


ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card variants
ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card Variants
  1. American Express
  2. Mastercard (world)
  3. Visa (Infinite)

You can choose only one variant. If you plan to take this card, you should probably be taking the Amex variant because both the Da Milano & Tata Cliq voucher comes only with the Amex variant.

You can also change the variant to the other just incase if you took the wrong one by mistake. However switching the variant isn’t easy most of the time.


ICICI Emeralde Credit Card
ICICI Emeralde Credit Card

The green gemstone design on ICICI Emeralde Credit Card looks absolutely beautiful without a doubt. If you’re taking Mastercard variant, it would be even more beautiful with the Mastercard logo standing out of the green field.


Regular Rewards

  • 4 PAYBACK Points on every ₹100 spent, except fuel (1% Value)
  • 1 PAYBACK Point on every ₹100 spent on utilities and insurance categories (0.25% Value)

This is the most disappointing part of this card – POOR reward Rate on regular spends. So high spenders >15L might need to switch to other cards.

But the good thing about Payback rewards is that you can convert the points to cash credit on statement.

Moreover, you can expect decent spend based offers on the Amex variants occasionally that will raise the overall reward rate a bit.

Milestone Benefit

  • Spend 2L to get Rs.5,000 worth of Da Milano voucher. [Amex Variant only]

Decent option. I was able to redeem it at Da Milano outlet at Mumbai Airport T2 – Domestic departures.

Birthday Benefit

  • Tata Cliq voucher worth Rs.5,000. [Amex Variant only]

Nice value again.Glad that they replaced the trident hotels dining voucher with Tata Cliq voucher, but they reduced the voucher value from 7.5K INR to 5K INR.

You get birthday benefit not only for the 1st year but also for the remaining period, as long as you hold the credit card.

Airport Benefits

Lounge Access

Domestic (Primary) Amex / Mastercard Unlimited
Domestic (Add-on) Amex / Mastercard Unlimited
International (Primary) Dreamfolks Unlimited
International (Add-on)

They haven’t mentioned anything about add-on cards but chances are you may be able to access at-least domestic lounges with add-on cards.

Also, now Visa variants are in circulation but I doubt if it would bear unlimited lounge access as Visa usually limits to 4/qtr max for Infinite variants.


Redefining Luxury with the Emerald Credit Card:

The Emerald Credit Card stands as a pinnacle of luxury, redefining the credit card experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life. By unraveling the application process, understanding the intricate features, and maximizing the benefits, cardholders can embark on a journey of unparalleled opulence. As a testament to exclusivity and sophistication, the Emerald Credit Card not only provides financial convenience but opens doors to a world where every transaction becomes an indulgence in luxury.

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