Duare Sarkar: Transformative Governance at Your Doorstep


Duare Sarkar, translating to ‘Government at Your Doorstep,’ is an innovative and citizen-centric initiative undertaken by the government to bring essential public services directly to the people of West Bengal. This comprehensive exploration delves into the genesis of Duare Sarkar, the range of services it encompasses, the impact on citizens, and the broader implications for effective and inclusive governance.

Registrations at Duare Sarkar camps have crossed one crore, of which 60 per cent people have registered for the newly introduced Lakshmir Bhandar scheme in the last nine days.

The second edition of the Duare Sarkar campaign ~ the biggest outreach drive to help people get benefits of state-run schemes at their doorsteps ~ was launched on 16 August and will continue till 15 September. One crore people have registered till the morning of 24 August.

Last time, under the first edition of the campaign, it took 18 days to record one crore registrations. Chief secretary HK Dwivedi today congratulated the district magistrates for the huge turnout at the Duare Sarkar camps.


According to government sources, ‘Lakshmir Bhandar’ has been the most sought-after scheme in this edition of the ‘Duare Sarkar’ campaign, with 60 per cent of the people, who visited these camps, enrolling for it. Under this scheme, women belonging to the general category is to receive monthly assistance of Rs 500, while those belonging to the SC/ST communities would draw Rs 1,000 each per month.

Dwivedi has asked district magistrates to ensure that elected panchayat members, clubs and villagers are kept out of assisting women in filling up application forms of Lakshmir Bhandar in rural areas and asked the DMs to use
Kanyashree beneficiaries, members of self-help groups and college students for the purpose.

The ‘Swasthya Sathi’ scheme drew the next most enrolments in this phase of the ‘Duare Sarkar’ camps. Apart from these, enrolments were for caste certificates, Student Credit Card, Krishak Bandhu (New), ‘Bina Mulley Samajik Surakshya’ (social security free of cost), correction of minor errors in land records, the opening of new bank accounts, Kanyashree, Rupashree, Khadya Sathi, Shikhashree, Tapasili Bandhu, Manabik, Jai Johar and mutations of Agricultural land. A total of 32,830 camps were organised in the first edition.

Step 1: Origins and Objectives

Inception of Duare Sarkar: This section provides insights into the origins of Duare Sarkar, highlighting the government’s vision in conceptualizing a program that ensures the seamless delivery of public services by directly engaging with citizens at their doorsteps.

Objectives and Goals: Understanding the core objectives of Duare Sarkar, including decentralizing service delivery, eliminating bureaucratic hurdles, and enhancing public access, lays the groundwork for appreciating its transformative potential.

Step 2: Range of Services Offered

Citizenship Services: Duare Sarkar aims to simplify the process of obtaining various citizenship-related documents. This segment outlines the services related to Aadhar card enrollment, voter registration, and other essential documentation.

Healthcare Initiatives: Delving into healthcare services, this section explores how Duare Sarkar facilitates access to medical services, vaccinations, and health insurance, thereby prioritizing the well-being of citizens.

Education and Social Welfare: From school-related services to welfare schemes, Duare Sarkar extends its reach to education and social welfare, ensuring that no citizen is left behind in accessing crucial benefits.

Step 3: Citizen Engagement and Feedback Mechanisms

Interactive Platforms: Duare Sarkar incorporates interactive platforms, such as mobile apps and helplines, to foster real-time communication between citizens and government representatives. This ensures that concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

Feedback Mechanisms: Examining the mechanisms in place for citizens to provide feedback on the quality and efficiency of services received helps gauge the program’s responsiveness to the evolving needs of the populace.

Step 4: Impact on Citizens and Communities

Empowering Vulnerable Communities: This section highlights how Duare Sarkar empowers marginalized and vulnerable communities by ensuring they have equitable access to government services, fostering inclusivity and social justice.

Economic Upliftment: By streamlining processes related to economic welfare schemes and financial assistance, Duare Sarkar contributes to the economic upliftment of citizens, fostering sustainable development at the grassroots level.

Step 5: Challenges and Future Evolution

Challenges Encountered: Acknowledging challenges faced by Duare Sarkar, such as logistical hurdles and resource constraints, provides a balanced perspective on the program’s implementation and potential areas for improvement.

Future Roadmap: Exploring the envisioned future trajectory of Duare Sarkar, including potential expansions, technological enhancements, and increased service offerings, sheds light on its role in shaping the landscape of governance in West Bengal.

Name of the scheme Duare Sarkar Camp, West Bengal
Department West Bengal Government
State West Bengal
Launch date November 2020
Purpose To Provide Government Services at Home in West Bengal.
Application process Offline
Official website https://wb.gov.in/

Objectives Of The Scheme

There are many objectives of the West Bengal Government. Some of them are as follows:

  • The people will be able to take benefit of the various schemes presented by the West Bengal Government to the implementation of these camps.
  • People will be able to get information regarding the various welfare schemes which are presented by the West Bengal Government and it will eliminate the lack of awareness and the lack of facilities of the district.
  • The camps will be set up in every location present in the district to help the beneficiaries get each and every information that they need to apply for their respective welfare scheme.
  • The services will be delivered at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries through the implementation of this prestigious scheme by the West Bengal Government and the eligible beneficiaries will be able to take the benefit of the scheme without going out of their houses or to any other Government office.


Duare Sarkar emerges as a groundbreaking initiative that redefines the relationship between citizens and their government. By bringing essential services to the doorstep of every citizen, the program not only addresses immediate needs but also lays the foundation for a more responsive, inclusive, and citizen-centric governance model. Duare Sarkar stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to bridging the gap between bureaucracy and the public, fostering a more participatory and transparent system that truly serves the people.

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