DBT Skills Cheat Sheet: A Comprehensive Guide to Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills

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Dr. Marsha Linehan created dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, as a therapeutic approach primarily for treating people with borderline personality disorder. The DBT skills cheat sheet helps people improve their emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness by acting as a rapid reference guide to the core concepts covered in DBT.

What is a DBT Cheat Sheet?

A DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Cheat Sheet is a concise and informative resource designed to provide quick reference and guidance on the principles, techniques, and concepts of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT is a therapeutic approach that combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices. It was initially developed to treat individuals with borderline personality disorder but has since been utilized for various emotional and behavioral challenges.

The DBT Cheat Sheet is a valuable tool for therapists, counselors, students, and individuals interested in understanding and implementing DBT strategies. This resource typically includes key components of DBT, such as:

  • Core Principles: A summary of the foundational principles that underlie DBT, including mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Skills Breakdown: An overview of the specific skills taught in DBT, including descriptions and practical applications for each skill. These may encompass techniques for managing emotions, enhancing interpersonal relationships, and coping with distress.
  • Therapeutic Strategies: Quickly explain the primary therapeutic strategies employed in DBT, such as validation, behavior chain analysis, and dialectical thinking.
  • Mindfulness Exercises: Brief descriptions of mindfulness exercises and practices central to DBT, aimed at helping individuals become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations.
  • Emotion Regulation Techniques: Techniques for healthily identifying, understanding, and managing intense emotions.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Tips: Strategies to improve communication, set boundaries, and navigate social interactions skillfully.

The is a handy reference that condenses the essence of DBT into a concise format, making it easier for practitioners to recall key concepts during therapy sessions or personal practice. It serves as a valuable resource for reinforcing learning, clarifying doubts, and enhancing the effectiveness of DBT interventions.

DBT Cheat Sheets Example (sample)

A DBT Cheat Sheet example is a downloadable PDF resource that encapsulates the core principles and practical techniques of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). These sample sheets typically include concise explanations of mindfulness practices, emotion regulation strategies, distress tolerance techniques, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. They serve as quick references for therapists, individuals, and students to reinforce their understanding of DBT concepts. By offering a snapshot of key principles and actionable tips, DBT Cheat Sheets aid in effectively managing emotions, improving interpersonal relationships, and developing coping strategies. These sample sheets are valuable tools for integrating DBT practices into daily life or therapeutic sessions, making the learning and application of DBT more accessible and convenient.

When would you use this Cheat Sheet?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Cheat Sheets are versatile resources that offer concise insights into the principles and techniques of DBT. Tailored for therapists, individuals, and students, these cheat sheets serve as quick references for various scenarios. Here are some instances where this resource can be exceptionally valuable:

  • Therapeutic Sessions: Therapists can use DBT Cheat Sheets to enhance their sessions. They provide on-the-spot explanations of concepts, ensuring that the therapist and client are on the same page during discussions.
  • Skill Reinforcement: Individuals undergoing DBT can use the cheat sheets to reinforce their learning between sessions. They can review skills, strategies, and mindfulness exercises to bolster their progress.
  • Quick Guidance: When faced with emotional distress or interpersonal challenges, individuals can refer to the cheat sheets for instant guidance on managing emotions, practicing mindfulness, and improving communication.
  • Educational Settings: Students studying psychology, counseling, or therapy can quickly use DBT Cheat Sheets to grasp DBT’s fundamentals. They can also serve as study aids before exams or when preparing assignments.
  • Support Groups: DBT Cheat Sheets can facilitate discussions in support groups by providing a common reference point. Participants can share insights, discuss techniques, and offer mutual assistance based on the information provided.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Trainers conducting workshops on DBT can distribute these cheat sheets to participants, ensuring they have a tangible takeaway summarizing the key concepts and skills taught.
  • Personal Growth: Anyone interested in personal development can use these cheat sheets to improve emotional regulation, mindfulness, and interpersonal interactions.
  • Busy Schedules: For individuals with hectic schedules, the cheat sheets offer a quick way to engage with DBT principles without delving into extensive texts.
  • Therapist Supervision: Supervising therapists can provide these cheat sheets to their trainees to reinforce their understanding of DBT techniques and strategies.
  • Online Resources: Online therapy platforms and mental health websites can incorporate these cheat sheets as valuable downloadable resources for their users.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Cheat Sheets offer a range of advantages for therapists, individuals, and students seeking to enhance their understanding and application of DBT principles. Here are some key benefits:

Concise Reference

The DBT Cheat Sheet provides a compact overview of DBT concepts, techniques, and strategies, making it an easy-to-use reference for quick guidance.

Quick Reminders

It is a rapid reminder of key points during therapy sessions, helping therapists and individuals recall essential information without flipping through extensive materials.

Enhanced Learning

The cheat sheet is a study aid for students, offering a summary of DBT principles that can be revisited to reinforce learning and understanding.

Awareness Techniques

In DBT, mindfulness is a fundamental element. It entails giving judgmentless attention to the current moment. Certain mindfulness abilities, such “observing,” “describing,” and “participating,” assist people in developing awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and environment. This portion of the cheat sheet provides methods for staying grounded in the here and now.

The Ability to Control Emotions

DBT emphasizes the importance of a focus on comprehending and controlling emotions. The cheat sheet offers techniques for recognizing and categorizing emotions in addition to useful tools for modifying emotional reactions. Methods like “Opposite Action” and “Check the Facts” enable people to successfully manage and control their emotions.

Capabilities for Interpersonal Effectiveness

DBT places a strong emphasis on connection building and effective communication. Interpersonal success techniques are outlined in the cheat sheet. These skills include the “DEAR MAN” strategy for assertiveness, “FAST” for upholding one’s dignity, and “GIVE” for establishing and sustaining beneficial connections. These abilities are essential for negotiating social situations and creating more wholesome relationships.

The Ability to Handle Stress

Difficult events will certainly arise in life, and the ability to tolerate distress is crucial for handling them without reverting to harmful behavior. The reference sheet includes strategies such as “ACCEPTS” (Activities, Pushing Away, Thoughts, Comparisons, Contributing, Emotions, Sensations), offering a toolkit for managing discomfort and averting rash acts.

Navigating a Crisis

DBT acknowledges that people might have crises that call for quick care. Using the “TIPP” abilities (Temperature, Intense Exercise, Paced Breathing, and Paired Muscle Relaxation), the cheat sheet outlines how to handle a crisis. These methods provide a methodical way to self-soothe during difficult times.

Adopting a Radical View

A fundamental idea of DBT is radical acceptance, which emphasizes embracing reality as it is, even when it is challenging. With the help of the cheat sheet, people can practice radical acceptance, let go of resistance, and progress toward a more grounded and balanced viewpoint.

Establishing Mastery

In order to promote a feeling of success and self-efficacy, the cheater It emphasizes the value of developing expertise in a variety of spheres of life. Taking part in activities that enhance one’s sense of accomplishment and competency is crucial to creating a life that is worthwhile.

Verifying the Information

DBT promotes people to assess their ideas and perceptions critically. The cheat sheet has a section on “Checking the Facts,” which assists people in questioning skewed thought processes and gaining a more dispassionate understanding of circumstances.

Bringing about Positive Change

Beyond just focusing on individual abilities, DBT also emphasizes making a positive impact on the larger community. The reference guide provides tactics for creating significant contributions that promote connection and a feeling of purpose.

Constant Application and Incorporation

In the end, the cheat sheet highlights that DBT abilities are more than just instruments to draw upon during emergencies, but are intended for continuous application and assimilation into everyday life. Using these techniques on a regular basis can result in long-lasting gains in general functioning and mental health.

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