Crack the Bank Exam: Essential Types of Current Affairs Quizzes

If you’re gearing up for a bank exam, you’re likely aware that current affairs play a significant role in the overall assessment. A current affairs quiz with answers¬†helps you evaluate your capacity to remain informed and in touch with the most recent news and occurrences. One effective way to prepare for this section is to practise various current affairs quizzes. This article will explore the essential types of current affairs quizzes you should master to crack your bank exam.

Daily News Quizzes

Daily news quizzes are the most common and fundamental type of current affairs quiz. These quizzes test your knowledge of recent events, both nationally and internationally.

To excel in daily news quizzes, make it a habit to read newspapers, follow credible news websites, and watch news bulletins. Pay attention to politics, economics, sports, science, and technology. Practise these quizzes regularly to improve your speed and accuracy.

Weekly and Monthly Current Affairs

In addition to daily news quizzes, bank exams often include questions related to weekly and monthly events. These quizzes test your ability to retain and recall information over an extended period. They may cover events, appointments, and important updates from the past few weeks or months.

To excel in these quizzes, maintain a current affairs journal where you jot down key events and dates regularly. Review this journal periodically to reinforce your memory. Many online resources also provide weekly and monthly event compilations for your convenience.

Banking and Financial Awareness

Since you’re preparing for a bank exam, you must be well-versed in banking and financial affairs. Banking and financial awareness quizzes focus on monetary policy, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) regulations, fiscal policies, and economic indicators.

To excel in this category, study key banking terms and concepts thoroughly. Familiarise yourself with the latest financial news, including banking mergers, policy changes, and significant economic developments.

Government Schemes and Initiatives

Government schemes and initiatives form a significant portion of questions in bank exams. These quizzes evaluate your knowledge of various government programs, their objectives, and their implementation status.

Stay informed about the latest government announcements and schemes to perform well in this category. Understand the purpose behind these initiatives, the target beneficiaries, and their impact on society. Prepare a list of critical government programs and revise it regularly.

International Affairs Quizzes

Global awareness is crucial for bank exams, as they often include questions related to international events. These quizzes cover international treaties, geopolitical developments, and global organisations.

To excel in international affairs quizzes, follow global news sources, read about international conflicts and resolutions, and study the functions of organisations like the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and World Health Organization.

Sports and Awards Quizzes

While this category may seem less relevant, sports and awards quizzes are commonly included in bank exams. They assess your awareness of major sporting events, awards ceremonies, and notable achievements.

To perform well in these quizzes, keep track of major sports events such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and ICC Cricket World Cup. Stay updated on award ceremonies like the Oscars, Nobel Prizes, and national awards.

Environmental and Science Quizzes

The environment and science are increasingly important topics in the subject. Quizzes in this category may cover climate change, environmental policies, scientific discoveries, and technological advancements.

To excel in these quizzes, read scientific journals, follow environmental news, and understand the basics of climate change and environmental conservation.


Learning to master a current affairs quiz with answers is crucial for cracking bank exams. Regular practice, staying updated with the latest news, and maintaining a journal can significantly boost your chances of success. Remember, current affairs are not just a part of the exam; they reflect your awareness and knowledge as a responsible citizen. So, commit to staying informed and ace your bank exam with flying colours!

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