The World of Communication Sciences and Disorders: A Degree that Opens Doors

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders equips students to evaluate, diagnose, and treat individuals with alternative communication styles. Students learn about the typical stages of language development, speech and sound, and hearing. By using technologies that can manage how people communicate, you’ll be a part of an exciting and growing profession that helps improve people’s lives and support what we’re thinking and feeling.

What does a student majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders study?

  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Language Development
  • Statistics
  • Physiology
  • Audiology
  • Speech-Language Pathology

What can I do with a Communication Sciences and Disorders degree?

The skills you’ll develop as a Communication Sciences and Disorders major are highly transferable to many industries besides healthcare. You can work in industries such as education, government, media, public relations in the following roles:

  • Advertising and Promotions Managers
  • Audio and Video Technicians
  • Chemical Technicians
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Computer Network Support Specialists


  1. The Essence of Communication Sciences and Disorders: Communication Sciences and Disorders is a multifaceted field that delves into the complexities of human communication. It encompasses speech, language, hearing, and even cognitive aspects of communication. Professionals in this field work to understand, diagnose, and treat various communication disorders that can impact individuals across their lifespan.
  2. A Degree in CSD – The Pathway: Pursuing a degree in CSD is the first step toward a career in this rewarding field. This degree provides a foundational understanding of the anatomical, physiological, psychological, and developmental aspects of human communication. Students learn about disorders such as speech sound disorders, language impairment, stuttering, and hearing loss.
  3. Curriculum and Training: The curriculum in a CSD program is diverse. It includes coursework in areas like phonetics, audiology, speech pathology, language development, and neuroanatomy. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students engage in practical training through clinical experiences, where they apply their learning in real-world settings.
  4. Specializations and Advanced Study: Students may choose to specialize in areas like pediatric speech-language pathology, audiology, or research. Advanced study options, such as a master’s degree or a doctorate, are often pursued for specialized clinical roles or for engaging in research and academia.
  5. Licensure and Certification: Graduates aiming to practice as speech-language pathologists or audiologists must obtain licensure and certification. This typically involves completing a master’s degree, passing a national examination, and fulfilling supervised clinical experience requirements.
  6. Career Opportunities: A degree in CSD opens doors to various career paths. Graduates can work as speech-language pathologists, audiologists, speech therapists, or researchers. They work in settings like schools, hospitals, private clinics, and research institutions.
  7. Making a Difference: Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of a career in CSD is the opportunity to make a significant difference in people’s lives. Professionals in this field help individuals overcome communication challenges, enabling them to communicate effectively and improve their quality of life.

In summary

A degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a journey into understanding the vital aspects of human communication and the challenges some face in this fundamental area of life. It equips students with the knowledge, skills, and empathy required to diagnose and treat communication disorders, ultimately paving the way for a career that is both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

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