Chitraang Murdia: A Profile of Academic Excellence and Achievement


Chitraang Murdia stands as a beacon of academic brilliance, having achieved remarkable feats in the realm of education and competitive examinations. This comprehensive overview aims to delve into the life and achievements of Chitraang Murdia, highlighting his academic journey, notable accomplishments, and the impact he has made in the educational landscape.

The results declared on Thursday showed a total of 27,151 candidates – out of the 1,26,997 registered – qualified the examination. Altogether 19,416 were in the common merit list, 6,000 were in OBC (NCL), 4,400 in SC and 1,250 ST merit lists. The exam was held on May 25.

Udaipur’s Chitraang Murdia emerged as the topper. Shortly after the results were declared, Murdia – who scored a whopping 334 marks out of the maximum 360 – said he would join IIT-Bombay. “I will choose between computer science and electrical engineering,” he said, adding: “My long-term goal, however, is to go into hardcore research.” Of the total 27,151 who had qualified, 14,950 were from the CBSE board, according to official sources. This was followed by 4,745 from the Andhra Pradesh board (17%), 1,818 from the Maharashtra board (7%), and 1,550 from the Rajasthan board(6%). Just 931 students from the ICSE board could qualify.

Step 1: Early Life and Education Foundation of Excellence: Chitraang Murdia’s journey begins with insights into his early life, upbringing, and the educational environment that nurtured his intellectual curiosity. This step provides a foundational understanding of the factors that shaped his academic prowess.

Step 2: Academic Milestones* Topper in Competitive Exams: Chart the academic milestones achieved by Chitraang Murdia, including his exceptional performance in competitive examinations. Notably, he secured the All India Rank 1 in the IIT-JEE (Advanced) in 2014, a testament to his exceptional aptitude and dedication.

Step 3: Educational Institutions and Courses* Institutional Journey: Explore the educational institutions that played a pivotal role in Chitraang Murdia’s academic journey. This step involves detailing the schools, coaching centers, and universities where he honed his skills and acquired knowledge in preparation for competitive exams.

Step 4: Professional and Personal Pursuits* Beyond Academics: Delve into Chitraang Murdia’s professional and personal pursuits. This could include his career choices, involvement in extracurricular activities, and contributions to the community. Understanding his holistic development provides a comprehensive view of his personality.

Charting Chitraang Murdia’s Achievements

Visualizing Chitraang Murdia’s achievements can be represented through a chart:

  • Exam Rankings: Illustrating his rankings in prominent competitive exams.
  • Educational Institutions: Highlighting the institutions where he pursued academic excellence.
  • Notable Achievements: Showcasing awards, recognitions, or contributions beyond academics.

Additional Information

  • Study Techniques and Strategies: Explore the study techniques and strategies employed by Chitraang Murdia during his preparation for competitive exams. Insights into his approach can be valuable for aspiring students.
  • Post-Education Pursuits: Understand Chitraang Murdia’s pursuits post his academic journey. This could include further studies, professional endeavors, or any initiatives aimed at giving back to the educational community.
  • Influence and Inspiration: Highlight individuals, teachers, or mentors who played a significant role in influencing and inspiring Chitraang Murdia’s academic journey. Acknowledging these influences provides context to his success.
  • Challenges Faced and Overcame: Discuss any challenges or obstacles Chitraang Murdia faced during his educational journey and how he overcame them. Such insights add depth to the narrative of his achievements.


Present Life of Chitraang

Speaking of his current life, Chitraang says, “I am a very simple guy, who would get up, have breakfast, go for class, have lunch and again go for the afternoon class, come back, have dinner and finish my studies and homework. Sometimes I would go with friends for an outing but mostly my life is boring and I am a boring person altogether who would just love to study. And yes, I have another hobby of cooking as well which I do in my spare time if I have any. I also like eating out with friends”.

He adds “I want to go for academia, so I know studies are never going to leave me throughout my life. To all the students my message would be to try a lot of different things, you may like a few things and dislike others. Try to pursue only the ones that you really like”.

He also wants to contribute to society through his breakthroughs in the field.


Chitraang Murdia’s story is one of extraordinary academic achievement and dedication. By exploring his early life, academic milestones, institutions, and post-education pursuits, a comprehensive picture emerges of a scholar whose journey goes beyond exam rankings. Chitraang Murdia serves as an inspiration for aspiring students, illustrating the possibilities that unfold with unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence in education.

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