Bihar Skill Development Mission is to promote empowerment via skill enhancement.

With the ambitious effort known as the Bihar Skill Development Mission, the state of Bihar in central India has set out on a transformative path to empower its people via skill development. This mission promotes socioeconomic development and inclusive growth throughout the state, acting as a ray of hope.

Recognizing the Bases of the Mission

The fundamental principle of this program is to provide people with the tools they need to succeed in a labor market that is changing quickly. The Bihar Skill Development Mission functions under the tenet that skill development serves as a catalyst for comprehensive empowerment as well as a means of obtaining employment. The mission aims to close the gap between formal and informal education by acknowledging the varied requirements of its population prerequisites for schooling and the workplace.

Determining the Target Population

The mission’s sophisticated approach to identifying and serving a variety of populations is one of its main advantages. The program is designed to satisfy the specific needs of each group, from urban youngsters to rural communities striving for traditional handicraft and high-tech capabilities. Through comprehension of the diverse goals and obstacles, the mission guarantees that no one is left behind on the path to mastery.

Curriculum Development and Industry Inclusion

The Bihar Skill Development Mission’s careful curriculum design, which closely complies with industry demands, is an important component of the program. In order to guarantee that the skills taught are not just theoretical but also immediately usable in real-world situations, the program works with top professionals and sectors. This mautually beneficial partnership between academia and industry facilitates a smooth transition for people starting their careers.

New Technologies for Training Facilities

To enable efficient skill acquisition, the mission has made significant investments in the development of cutting-edge training facilities. Creating a favorable learning environment is emphasized through the use of skill labs that imitate industrial situations and state-of-the-art training centers outfitted with cutting-edge technology. In addition to improving the learning process, this infrastructure gives the participants a sense of professionalism and self-assurance.

Developing Women’s Skills to Empower Them

The Bihar Skill Development Mission’s dedication to gender inclusion is one of its noteworthy features. The initiative aggressively promotes and assists women in gaining a variety of skills because it recognizes the unrealized potential of women in the workforce. Dedicated programs tackle the particular difficulties that women encounter, guaranteeing their significant involvement in a range of fields and the advancement of gender parity.

Initiatives to Promote Entrepreneurship

Beyond conventional job paradigms, entrepreneurial development is also given a lot of weight in the mission. Through the development of an entrepreneurial attitude and the provision of essential support networks, the program empowers people to not only look for work, but also create it. This strategy fits with the overarching plan for Bihar’s self-sustaining enterprise-based economic development.

Ensuring Rural Areas Are Accessible

Recognizing Bihar’s geographical variety, the mission has made deliberate efforts to provide accessibility in rural areas. People who live in rural areas can now easily access chances for skill development through mobile training units, outreach programs, and community involvement activities. The mission’s dedication to ensuring that no neighborhood is spared from the winds of change is reflected in this inclusive approach advancement.

Partnerships for Increased Effect

The Bihar Skill Development Mission is aware of how effective teamwork can be in increasing its influence. Collaborations with governmental organizations, nonprofits, and commercial businesses expand the mission’s impact and efficacy. These partnerships enhance the ecosystem for skill development by bringing in a plethora of knowledge in addition to financial support.

Assessing Outcomes via Impact Evaluation

To evaluate the mission’s efficacy, a comprehensive impact evaluation system has been put in place. In addition to conventional measures like job growth rates, the evaluation takes into account qualitative aspects like individual growth, community improvement, and the general improvement of the state’s human resources. This all-encompassing strategy makes sure that success is determined by the positive changes in people’s lives as well as by numbers.

Bihar Skill Development Mission

Bihar Skill Development Mission

BSDM empaneled MKCL as Knowledge Partner to implement its SDMMS framework for skill development activities in the state of Bihar through an RFP. The agreement between BSDM and MKCL was signed in July 2016 and immediately MKCL implemented a customized version of its SDMMS framework with for conducting training BSDMs various programs such as “Kushal Yuva Program (KYP), Tally with GST and Domain Skilling.”

In span of five years, the framework has been able to reach a candidate strength of 12,33,754 candidates in 1700+ Training centers for KYP and 1,00,000+ candidates in 1200+ Training centers for Domain Skilling Courses. Multiple schemes of BSDM like Kushal Yuva Program, Tally with GST, Domain Skilling including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recruit Train and Deploy (RTD), PMKVY(CSSM) etc. has been implemented by BSDM using this online framework.

Bihar Skill Development Mission in Bihar Budget 2023-24

Finance Minister presented Bihar Budget 2023-24 on 28 February 2023. While presenting the Bihar Budget Speech 2023-24, FM said “Training of youth, so far a total of 19,778 youth have been provided training in the information technology sector under Bihar Skill Development Mission. And at present, a total of 6,468 youth are being provided training in various computer related courses through 171 skill development centres. A provision of Rs 10 crore has been made in the year 2023-24”.

Under this program, youths will get skill as well as professional training in order to meet the increasing market demand for skilled manpower. For this reason, Bihar govt. is consistently opening a wide network of training centers for different courses. BSDM is going to make the youths “Digitally Smart”. Under this scheme, youths belonging to the economically weaker sections will get job opportunities to earn for themselves. Thus, BSDM will raise the employment opportuities in the state leading to its growth.


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