Arasubus. Th. Gov. In – A Gateway to Seamless Public Transportation in Tamil Nadu


Arasu Bus Booking Portal (Arasubus. Th. Gov. In) is a state-of-the-art online platform revolutionizing the public transportation system in Tamil Nadu. This comprehensive exploration delves into the origins of the Arasu Bus initiative, the functionalities of the online portal, its impact on commuters, and the broader implications for modernizing the state’s bus transportation network.

Step 1: Genesis and Vision

Inception of Arasu Bus: This section delves into the genesis of Arasu Bus, shedding light on the government’s vision to digitize and streamline the bus booking process, enhancing overall efficiency and accessibility for the citizens of Tamil Nadu.

Objectives and Goals: Understanding the core objectives, including reducing manual intervention, improving service reliability, and increasing passenger convenience, provides a foundation for appreciating the transformative potential of Arasu Bus.

Step 2: Arasu Bus Booking Portal Features

Online Booking System: Arasu Bus Booking Portal offers a user-friendly interface for commuters to book bus tickets seamlessly. This segment outlines the step-by-step process of booking tickets, ensuring accessibility for users of varying technological proficiencies.

Route Information and Timetables: The portal serves as a comprehensive repository of route information and bus timetables, empowering passengers to plan their journeys effectively and stay informed about the latest schedules.

Seat Availability and Fare Structure: Examining features such as real-time seat availability and transparent fare structures ensures that passengers have access to accurate and up-to-date information before making their bookings.

Step 3: Impact on Commuters

Convenience and Time Efficiency: Arasu Bus Booking Portal significantly enhances the commuting experience by eliminating the need for physical ticketing and providing a hassle-free, time-efficient method for booking and managing bus journeys.

Digital Payment Integration: Exploring the integration of digital payment methods on the portal showcases the government’s commitment to embracing cashless transactions, contributing to a more secure and efficient payment ecosystem.

Accessibility for Diverse User Groups: Ensuring that the portal is accessible to diverse user groups, including those with varying levels of digital literacy, emphasizes the program’s inclusivity and commitment to serving all segments of the population.

Step 4: Technological Innovations and Security Measures

Integration of GPS Technology: Highlighting the integration of GPS technology in Arasu Buses provides insights into how the portal leverages cutting-edge solutions to enhance route planning, real-time tracking, and overall operational efficiency.

Security Protocols: This section explores the security measures implemented on the portal to safeguard passenger data, ensuring a secure and trustworthy online booking environment.

Step 5: Future Developments and Community Engagement

Future Expansions and Upgrades: Examining the government’s vision for future expansions and technological upgrades sheds light on the continuous evolution of Arasu Bus, ensuring it remains at the forefront of innovation in the public transportation sector.

Community Feedback and Engagement: Encouraging community feedback and engagement initiatives showcases the government’s commitment to creating a platform that is responsive to the needs and preferences of its users.


On 01.01.1972, Pallavan Transport Corporation was established under Companies Act,1956 and buses operated in Chennai and Chengalpattu were brought under it and paved way for inception of other State Transport Undertakings

Originally, 21 STUs were created by bifurcation from 1972 to 1996 and merging of STUs started in 2001, and the total STUs presently functioning are Eight.

State Transport Undertakings

  1. Metropolitan Transport Corporation Limited
  2. State Express Transport Corporation Limited
  3. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Villupuram) Limited
  4. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Kumbakonam) Limited
  5. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Salem) Limited
  6. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Coimbatore) Limited
  7. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Madurai) Limited
  8. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Tirunelveli) Limited

How to check SETC exam result 2023?

Step 1: Visit the official portals of SETC, TNSTC at,

Step 2: Find the link “Candidate can view result for the written examination dated 19.11.2023 in the website by entering their Registration number and Date of Birth”

Step 3: Clicking on the link will open the SETC result 2023 page

Step 4: Enter the login credentials such as registration number or application number and date of birth

Step 5: Submit the mandatory fields

Step 6: The TNSTC result 2023 will be displayed on the screen

Step 7: Download and take a printout of results for future reference

TNSTC recruitment 2023 highlights

Post Driver and Constables
Organiser State Express Transport Corporation
Vacancies 685
Exam date November 19, 2023
Result date November 26, 2023
Login credentials required Registration number or application number and date of birth
Official website,

The exam authority will communicate with candidates regarding the next rounds of hiring in due course.


Arasu Bus Booking Portal emerges as a transformative force in Tamil Nadu’s public transportation landscape. By seamlessly integrating technology, improving accessibility, and prioritizing passenger convenience, the portal not only modernizes the bus booking process but also sets a benchmark for efficient and citizen-centric public services. Arasu Bus signifies a paradigm shift towards a more connected, technologically advanced, and user-friendly public transportation system that caters to the evolving needs of the people of Tamil Nadu.

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