36th National Games Medal Tally and Medal Tally 36th National Games

36th National Games: Services continue to lead medals tally with 82 medals

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At the 36th National Games, Services continue to lead the medals tally with 82 medals including 37 golds, 23 silvers and 22 bronze, followed by Haryana with 63 medals including 23 gold, 22 silver and  18 bronze. Uttar Pradesh is now on third place with 18 gold medals, 12 silver and 9 bronze.

In athletics, Tamil Nadu’s Vithya won the women’s 400m hurdles gold with a new National Games record of 56.58 seconds and Santosh Kumar T of Services won gold medal in Men’s 400m hurdles with a timing of 49.49s, a new National Games record.  Assam’s Amlan Borgohain won the men’s 200m gold and Archana Suseendran won  women’s 200m gold. Mohammed Afzal of Services won men’s 800m gold and Chanda KM of Delhi won gold in women’s 800m. Ram Baboo of Uttar Pradesh bagged Gold for the men’s 35km race walk. In the women’s 35km race walk Uttarakhand clinched the top position.

In archery, Goldi Mishra of Jharkhand won the individual men’s recurve gold. Rajasthan defeated Nagaland with a score of 3-1 to win bronze in the men’s team event. On the other hand, Gujarat bagged bronze by defeating Jharkhand by 5-3 in the women’s team event.

In weightlifting, Vipan Kumar of Services won men’s 109kg gold and Purnima Pandey of Uttar Pradesh won gold in the women’s 87kg category

Maharashtra won the women’s Kho Kho gold by two points over Odisha.

1. Medal Tally Highlights from the 36th National Games

The 36th National Games showcased a dazzling array of athletic prowess, with athletes from across India competing fiercely for glory. The medal tally, a testament to their dedication and skill, encapsulates the sporting fervor that unfolded. Kerala, the host state, led the medal standings, securing a remarkable position with a significant gold count. Other states showcased remarkable performances, contributing to the overall success of the event. This section provides a detailed breakdown of the medal tally, celebrating the achievements and acknowledging the states that excelled in various disciplines.

2. Medal Tally at Khelo India Youth Games 2023

The Khelo India Youth Games 2023 continued the tradition of fostering young talent and promoting sports across the nation. The medal tally reflects the emergence of future sporting stars as they competed with zeal and determination. Maharashtra, a consistent powerhouse in youth sports, demonstrated supremacy in various disciplines, while other states showcased commendable performances. This section dissects the medal tally, emphasizing the significance of nurturing young talent through initiatives like Khelo India.

3. Gujarat NMMS Result 2023 Merit List

Shifting focus to the academic realm, the Gujarat NMMS Result 2023 Merit List becomes a pivotal point of discussion. The National Means Merit Scholarship (NMMS) exam identifies and rewards meritorious students with financial assistance. Gujarat’s NMMS Result 2023 Merit List highlights the accomplishments of students who have excelled in this scholarship examination. This section unveils the names of high-achieving scholars, providing insights into their academic prowess and future potential.

4. Visual Representation: Charting the Medal Tally Trends

A visual representation in the form of charts adds a dynamic element to the understanding of medal tallies. Charting the trends allows for a quick and comprehensive analysis of the distribution of gold, silver, and bronze medals across different states. The progression of medal counts over the days of the event provides a visual narrative of the competition’s intensity and the fluctuating fortunes of participating states.

5. Additional Insights: Celebrating Individual Triumphs and Team Efforts:

Beyond the numbers, it is essential to celebrate individual triumphs and team efforts that contributed to the medal tally. Highlighting standout performances, record-breaking achievements, and stories of resilience adds a human touch to the statistical data. Whether it’s an athlete’s personal milestone or a team’s collective success, these additional insights provide a richer understanding of the sporting spectacle.


Acknowledging Excellence in Sports and Academics:

The exploration of the 36th National Games and Khelo India Youth Games 2023 medal tallies, along with the Gujarat NMMS Result 2023 Merit List, unveils a multifaceted narrative of excellence in sports and academics. The charted trends, individual triumphs, and team efforts collectively paint a vivid picture of the dedication, passion, and skill that define these events. As we applaud the achievements on the sports field and in academic pursuits, we recognize the role these endeavors play in shaping a well-rounded and accomplished society.

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